Rachel A.


Moscow, ID

Joined May 2020

Glamping at its finest

This has to be the largest, fanciest site we’ve ever stopped at to date. It’s right next to a golf course, it’s absolutely gigantic and incredibly well manicured. Great for a family or longer term stay, though it was a bit expensive for us. While we do normally prefer more isolated camping, it was hard not to get sucked into the Sportsman’s many charms

Felt dated but friendly

This park felt considerably older compared to its state of the art neighbor, the Sportsman. However we actually liked it better because it was smaller, more inviting and neighbors were friendly and welcoming. Trees, shade, cozy community—reminded me of childhood summers

Easy access for water toys

A more facilitated offshoot for bigger water toys

Fun water sport area

Smack dab amidst heat and fields, this is one of many little offshoots from the main road that gives you water access. All roads are gravel with a lot of large potholes and may be a thing to consider if you’re driving a low vehicle

Nice spot

Clean and an excellent place to rest of between long drives in eastern/central Washington

RV Park at fairgrounds

Exactly what you would expect to find at a fairground RV Park. That’s being said, it was far cleaner and well kept compared to many we have seen before

An RV storage connected to KOA

This is actually a storage area bumped right up against the KOA grounds

Standar KOA

Everything you would expect from a KOA grounds. Two thumbs up

Hidden haven

This was another really friendly park with many fantastic amenities. It felt like a community and private with how things were set up between spaces, which was unique to this spot compared to all others we’ve stopped at


Wow was this place fancy! If you’re looking for a full-service sort of experience, look no further! Fantastic amenities and right across from a major golf course

No longer

If it did exist at one point, it does not any longer. This was a residential neighborhood


We fully agree with Jeff’s review—this place was plush! While crowded, it was easy to see why. Really well kept grounds


This park was very clean and well kept. It’s a bit of a quick offshoot after the intersection—be ready for that sharp turn uphill!

Streange location but kind neighbors

So this spot was off a really confusing road area (lots of quick and sort of dangerous turns and intersection). There is a Planned Parenthood and furniture store you drive by as you are entering. Spots were shaded and neighbors were really kind, friendly and welcoming

Great for water play!

There aren’t any sites here actually, but the road snugs right up to the water. Sprawling green lawns great for a picnic and plenty of parking if you brought your water toys!

Might work if you wanted to stay awhile?

We got some weird energy from residents when we arrived so we decided to keep it moving.

Established residencies

I feel compelled to share that we preferred Richland to Kennewick overall, so this will definitely show in my reviews. This was a nice little spot if you’re looking to stay for awhile

Great place to stop for a stretch

We stopped here on a longer stretch of our drive and it was the perfect reprieve for cramped car legs :)

Expect heat!

We visited in August and boy did we sweat!

Mostly established residents

We preferred the site across the street