Priscilla M.

Shepherdstown, WV

Joined August 2018

Great Place

We had such a great time at this camp site. Beautiful place, tons to do at the camp ground. Dog friendly, family friendly. Lots were nice, and good size.

great camp ground

Wonderful size lots. We were early in the camping season so we had no one around us. The size of the lots were amazing, plenty of room. We had so much fun, we didn’t even leave our camping sites the entire time!!! Wonderful place.

Small camp sites

just camped here last week. We had a great time. Very quite camp ground, dog friendly, and family friendly. The lots seemed to be pretty tiny, and the sewer hook up was tricky because the pipe was so far down in the concrete block but we made it work. Overall a good campground. Staff is old school (paper receipts mailed to you) but they are nice and efficient.

Poor Management

We rented 4 lots and 1 cabin during our stay (2017). We enjoyed our stay. Good size lots. our lots were at the end of the row so we did lack some shade. It was obvious that they had several seasonal lots but none of the seasonal lot caused any problem. We like it enough to go ahead and book 4 lots and 1 cabin for the following year (2018). Several months prior to our rented dates we received a phone call stating that there was a power pole that was knocked down and they were not going to have it fixed until August. I believe we got the phone call around February. Out rental was cancelled by them. so on one of our trips up to Lancaster we decided to drive through the camp site to see how the work was going to repair the electrical pole. The entire camp ground was rented out. Rented out to what appeared to be workers for the pipe line. It was obvious that management lied to us to secure the sites for the pipe line workers. I wish they would have just told us the truth since we did book our lots a year in advance. Being lied to ruined this place for me. I also hope that when the pipe line workers move out that they are left with empty lots from the loyal folks that would have continued to camp there.

not the best, but not the worse

we have stayed at this camp ground twice now. the people are polite and they have a lot of activities to keep everyone occupied. But the lots are filled with tree roots that someone was always tripping over, it took 2 hours to get our camper set up because of the very uneven stone lot, thankfully we had enough wood to get the jack up without having to over extend it. Also many of the lots/fields were not mowed. Won’t probably camp here again.

Best Campground!!!

This is our first pick campground everytime we go to the area. So well kept, perfect size lots. Nice people