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Amazing campground

I stayed in Joshua tree for 2 nights and this was the first campground for the first night. The campground had no shade and was pretty warm in the 90 degree heat. I arrived there around 5 in the evening and there was a majority of the campgrounds left. I didn't make a reservation and still managed to get a spot but it was a risky move.

The night was pretty chilly and had a pretty nice breeze. The restroom was about a one minute walk and was pretty clean. At night the campground had quite a lot of kangaroo rats running through trying to look for food. Asides from the heat the site was pretty good.

Beaver Pond

Campsite here was absolutely big. It could fit a couple tents. It was probably for group camps. Camp sites here felt a lot like camping in smokey National Park,mostly because everything there was wet from the night before. The site could fit at least 4 family tents and was really clean. There was a grill that had new grates, fire rings and tables at the campsite. the restrooms were on the dirty side but had really clean cold showers. There are more than 100 sites here so reservations don't have to be made. The down side is that the other campers may get noisy at times and the sites are pretty close together.


The sites here were absolutely wonderful. When I came there weren't much camper. There are around 36 campsites all included with a grill, tables and showers. You really have your privacy and is so beautiful at night. They recommend you don't burn the firewood there because some sort of insects live in there. The nearest gas station is about a half hour ride away and is where we bought ours. The sunset was so pretty and in the morning it get pretty chilly

upper pines

This is my third time here and wont be my last. This campground is one of the popular one and I recommend making reservations for you or your group weeks ahead. the site here is 26 dollars a night which is on the more expensive side but is totally worth it. The sites here are back to back so you are very close to your neighbors. Each site comes with a fire ring table and a bear box. At night it is a must you put your scented items in there. Most people don't know but toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and water bottles can attract bears so you should put it in there. The restroom is fairly clean but some times it runs out of toilet paper like I experienced my first time here. Some people stay here for weeks at a time so they can explore the entire Park. This site is a must come if you have never been to Yosemite before.

make reservationS

This site is really popular among local sin the area. Make reservations online so you are guaranteed a spot. Do not come here during the summer. I made the mistake and the temperature was in the high 90s. It felt like you were becoming human jerky. The site was only 8 dollars and it was really clean. There are a lot of photographers out here hoping to make a time lapse of the stars. They have warm showers but need to remodel the buildings because it is kind of old. The sight is quite secluded and you have privacy from other campers. At night the stars light up and it is so beautiful. In the morning I recommend waking up really early for the sunrise and to summit Guadalupe Peak. The trek is very difficult but is absolutely worth it. The trek is quite dangerous and has a few unstable places. This campsite was worth it and am looking to coming again


This campground is amazing. You have a clear view of the Narrow bridge and at night the city lights light up your surroundings light a nigh light. The camp here has 7 campsites here and it fill up really fast. I came at 5 in the morning and there was already a family there. There is abandoned buildings here and you can do urban exploring. There are restroom here that are pretty dirty. The public uses the restrooms not just the campers here. For the firewood I recommend buying it or bringing your own. Firewood was difficult to find here. At night there are no stars because the city lights cover them up.There are rangers taking you on a trek and exploring the abandoned building. This place is great if you live in new York city and don't want to drive really far from the city to go camping

First to Review

This place was not the greatest nor the worst. We drove here and to enter costed $5. There are 17 sites which is first come first serve. Most of the sites were for rv so we just camp din our car for the night. The site was really big with only a picnic table. The park was really popular among locals and day hikers so its pretty crowded. There's not much to do t this park. There is a water fall hike and bridge crossings. The waterfall is really beautiful and there are a lot of hikers with their big tripods. Other than that the park is really boring.


This campsite is actually pretty big. i usually solo camp but this time I brought my girlfriend. She said this was the biggest she has been to. The site was really clean and had no insects at night because we came in the fall. On the trees there is a lot of carvings which can hurt the trees. The site is a trek from the restroom and takes a while to get there. We stayed at site 8 and it was perfect. This site does not electric hook ups which is a bummer. There is a pump for drinking water and the water had pieces of dirt in it so it is best to purify it or boil it before drinking. There is a lot of deer's out here and you can see a few throughout the day. Some times you can see hawks and ospreys. You have to make a reservation 4 days ahead to get a campsite.

Hugge imprivement

When i came I was really impressed with the improvements they made here. I haven't came her in 3 years and it looks better than ever. They constructed a really nice fishing pier.The sites were well taken of by other campers and almost look brand new. The restrooms are a short trek away. The showers are really clean and didn't see much campers using them . I stayed at site 26 and was perfect. I reserved it for 20 dollars and had everything I look for in a campsite. There are bears and if you leave food out you will get a warning notice if seen. the rangers were really nice and would go up to you can introduce themselves. If you had any problems you can ask them.

First to Review
So fun

We came here and the sites in the E loop were the best. The sites were well managed and clean. There is a fire ring and table. The Rangers drive by almost every hour checking on the campers and would help them if they had any troubles with their tents or would teach them how to get a fire started. At night they would pass by and check on us about once every 2 or 3 hours. They are really friendly. The restrooms is not that far and is about a 2 minute walk from the site. If you wanted to buy ice or firewood, it is a 10 minute drive away and the firewood is 7 dollars a bundle here . At night the air is swarmed with bugs and can get really annoying.

Really cool

This site is one of the oldest I've been to. This site has a lot of history and at night is very beautiful. There is tables and a fire ring. For showers you have to head 9 miles to North south lake. There is a playground for kids so you don't have to watch over them while you set up. The firewood here for sell is 5 dollars for a bunch. at night there is a lot of mosquitoes so bring deet and long clothing . At night it is really quiet and you have a lot of privacy. for reservation you have to book 2 days ahead. Do not come during the summer because it is swamped here and it the busiest time.

So clean

This site was really clean and it seems that its not used much. There is only 5 campsites that are grouped pretty close together each with a table and fire ring. There is only one restroom with warm showers. For firewood there is no hassle of buying it. It is scattered all over the floor. There is more firewood here than any other campsite I've been to. There is electric hookups here and is perfect for R.Vs. The neighbors were really nice and a RV camper invited me to his campfire.

No horses here

Site is so good. This site i stayed at was site 18 and it was so clean and had everything i needed such as the restroom showers, picnic table and fire ring. the site here do fill up fast so you should make reservations. It costed me 25 dollars and I called ahead 2 weeks. At the visitor center they said the weather here is unpredictable and sometimes it starts raining out of nowhere. There is electric hookups here and there is a lot of RVs which is pretty noisy from the t.v and radio. I came in the summer and the temperature was around the 80's. During the night it is around 60 which is pleasant. They do sell for 6 dollars for a bunch of firewood

great campground

This site is very quiet with a lot of privacy. When we came most of the sites were full and this was 10 in the morning. you are at a high elevation and you can get a shortness of breath sometimes when you are collecting firewood. The site has a motel right across the street and the flashy lights kill the view. The restrooms are fairly clean and has warm showers. recommend bring your own firewood because the wood here is pretty damp and it was so difficult to get one started. The site has a fire ring grill and tables. There is a one and a half mile trail to the top of Mount Pisgah where the view is spectacular. There are about 10 campsites

come early

This site is really beautiful. It is a first come first serve thing at this site and it fills up really quickly because of that. This site is filled with campers who are going up to Yellowstone and people who are leaving Yellowstone. The restrooms are fairly dirty because it is used pretty often and sometimes you can smell the stench from your campsite. During the night it is pretty quiet. The neighbors are really respectful and will whisper at night. The night time is fairly warm because of the lower elevation. In the morning wake up extra early because the sun rises over the mountains and there is a crystal clear reflection on the lake. It is so beautiful

Nice and hot

This campsite was so big. This site is very popular so you should check in very very early. It was absolutely cold at night. The temperature dropped to 30 degrees and everyone wanted warm showers. The showers were 2 dollars for 8 minutes. The site was 18 dollars and it was 30 dollars for entering the park. We had a nps annual pass. I recommend getting one if you go to any national Parks really often. You will save a lot of money. This place has a lot of campers so you will receive very little privacy. At night make sure to have a good sleeping bag because it can drop down to 18 degrees at night.

First to Review
Awesome campsite

This site was so empty. This site was really great and you had your own privacy. The site came with electric hookups, tables and a fire ring. the restroom is very clean and has a shower. We stayed at site 8 and the table and rings looked pretty new. It seemed like the site is not used often. Firewood is very hard to find out here and I recommend bringing your own supply. At night the temperature drops dramatically and i recommend bringing a down jacket or just extra layers. Near the campsite is a river and there is people from other camps fly fishing for trout. The river is your only source of water and you should boil it because there my be giardia. In the morning I recommend going to Mesa falls which is about a 20 minute drive from the site and it is so beautiful.


This site Is OK. The site is near a river and is very pretty. The site is 10 dollars for dry camping and 30 dollars for the full hookup like showers. The site has a lot of RVs at night so you can hear generators and TVs. The site is well maintained and the restrooms were really clean and there is a propane heater in the restroom because the temperature drops at night. At night you should have extra firewood at night because you will go through it pretty quick and there is a really cool breeze at night even though its summer. The Rv campers were really friendly occasionally coming over and sharing their chili and mac and cheese. There is a grill and picnic table in the campground. There is a trail at the start of the gorge called Dead Chief Trail with was really difficult because of the slippery dirt and elevation gain.

So beautiful.

I've been here a couple times and it it absolutely wonderful. This site is located in the west side of Yellowstone. It is a little expensive for 25 dollars. It was worth it for the views. Not too far from the site was Madison River which was shallow and was the main supply of water for campers. The down side is that the sites are really close together so you don't get much privacy. At night there are a lot of insects. for Firewood you just need to pick it up off the floor. You don't need to buy firewood because it is scattered all over the campground. at night it is very quiet and the sky lights up like a natural nightlight. This site is very popular and fills up very quickly so you should make reservations. In the morning I recommend the drive to old faithful and watch the eruption. i also recommend going to Grand Prismatic Springs. This Campground is well worth the money.


This was a perfect little campsite I stayed at. I stayed here 2 days before I climbed Mt.Hood. This site was well known and the use was Moderate. This site was located on the east side of Mt.Hood.It was 14 dollar a night. They had warm showers and Drinking water. The fountain that the water came out of wasn't maintained and was really dirty so I recommend bringing Your own supply. There are 21 campsites and all of it was full at night. They are spaced pretty apart and you have your own privacy. I stayed at site 12 and it was really clean. There was a fire ring and picnic table. At night the temperature dropped into the 20's and this was in the summer. There is a river that is not too far and has running water that is cleaner than the fountain. In the daytime you can hike at bluegrass hill.