this campground was abandoned due to the fact that the road leading up to is was destroyed by the sand mining in the area. The only way to get to it now is to hike over the mountain. The views and the solitidue are worth it.

beware of the wildlife

This place has bear proof food storage containers for a reason. Use them. I had my backpack ravaged by a racoon, because of a handfull of trailmix that I forgot to take out.

too expensive

35 bucks for a tent site is somewat expensive in my book, otherwise I have nothing special to report about this campground exept that they had some kind of amish retreat goin on when I was there.


if you are looking for a nice eerie expirience, this place is for you! an abondened county park next to a native american burial mound. abondoned playground equipment looks really creepy. Restrooms still work though.

This place saved my life!

Sawgrass Recreation area primary businesses are airboat tours and petting zoo, however they have a small primitive campsite at the back as well. I was trying to ride my bicycle from Ft. Laudardale to South Bay, but the head wind was so strong that I was moving at a snail's pace. Luckily, this place is conviniently located just off the state route 27, an oasis of civilization on a 30 mile strech of nothingness. the camground is only open during dry season, which is late winter.

It's a nice one

stayed at one of the tent sites with water and electric. Very friendly staff. This palce gets really crowded during winter season.


Avoid this area at all costs. This area is the porest in the nation, with highest crime and HIV rates.

Beware of thefts, dog poop everywhere and roosters crowing non stop beginning at 3am. Don't expect finding a decent place to eat ether. The sunset over the lake is gorgeus though.

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wonderfull time at the cabin

I stayed at one of the cabins, and they were a little smelly, and lacked toiletries, but overall not too bad. make sure you have all you need, since the store doesn't really carry anuthing besides snacks and it closes early anyway. May is the very end of the season, so it was nice and quiet.

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very nice

Although less pretty and less remote than Kitching Creek, it is only 5 mi from the park entrance, wich makes it perfect if you are a beginner hiker or have small children. The water pump is broken, and don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon.

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This campground as beautiful as it is remote, just the way I like it. Perfect if you seek serene solitude.

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oink oink

This area is infested with feral pigs, so don't plan on sleeping at night.

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little nice quiet camping spot away from civilization

mosquito central

I wouldn't even call it a campsite. There is a space for a couple of tents. this place is as remote as you can get in Palm Beach county. beware of gators and mosquitos, and I'm not sure wich one is worse. during hunting season it sounds like a war zone 24/7.

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very nice!

this is a verynice campground with water pump, fire ring and picknic tables

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nice tucked away oasis

this is a biutiful campground. Nice place to get away from everything.