Amazing little place to camp. Terriffic ciews of the tower, super friendly staff, nice bathrooms. Just drove up and asked what was available. Made our stay here a pleasure.


What a fantastic campground. The large tent sites are open enough for kids to run around, and doesnt leave you feeing cramped. Wildlife, bears, bison, all nestled along the beautiful banks of the Madison River. Oh, also they have large bear boxes, which make food storage easy. I would live here if they let me!


This site might be paradise. Seated high above Sinks Canyon (which also os awesome!) it is nestled along the shores of an alpine lake. Quiet, peaceful, and just breathtaking. Be sure to bring a sturdy car/truck!

Love it

Done the drive out twice for extended weekends. Peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. No other place really is like this. Terrain changes, lots of mud, and not over-crowded

Good spot

Good spot to get away for a few days. Really like the lean-to, bare bones, but they have stoves inside, and are dry.

Good place

Probally our go-to campground in NJ. The lake is great to kayak and fish, and the campsites are spacious and has bathrooms. Very clean and enjoyable

Like it

We really like this campground. Quiet and spacious. No facilities, just a porta-jon, but i think that makes it better. Police patrolled, and dog friendly.


Went here on a whim. TOTALLY worth it. Close to I-95, scenic, well maintained and quiet. Kids, wife and I had fun hiking to a really old tree in the area (I dont remember the name, but it was really cool). Will definately be going back.