Olivia R.
Boston, MA
Joined August 2018
Moved to Boston almost two years ago, and I’ve found getting out and exploring the parks has been the best way to get to know New England.
Beautiful place, but close campsites

My favorite part about this park has to be their natural pool. It’s beautiful and so refreshing.

Great hikes with bunches of little waterfalls and small pools for swimming.


Just wish the sites weren’t so close together.

It ended up raining the two nights I stayed so I didn’t get any pictures, because we stayed in the tent the whole time. The last day was beautiful and we spent the entire time in their natural pool.

I love Asheville

Asheville, NC is probably my favorite place ever.

I love that we camped in the mountains by the river, and were only about a ten minute drive to the city.

Our site was right on the river. Beautiful stars. Each site has an electrical outlet, there are water pumps, and also WiFi!

Its also a dog friendly site, but also one of the more expensive sites I’ve stayed at.

There were full bathrooms too

Loterally the only downfall for me was the train that goes by across the river in the middle of the night and lays in the horn.

Breath Taking

Beautiful campground, even better views. Had to keep pulling over to see the landscape.

Both rent and RV sites.

Great cell service, even though I didn’t use it much.

Reallh nice and clean bathroom/showers.

Nice, but too close to civilization.

The campsite was nice and orettt spacious.

Right on the water of a small pond which was really nice.

Just outside the city of Boston.

They have full flush toilets and showers available.

Dog friendly!

My only problem was how close it was to a Main Street - we could hear the cars during the busy times of the day.

Breathtaking, my favorite camping trip.

To start everyone was so nice and helpful.

HUGE campsite - could fit unlimited amounts of tents in my space, and still have space between the other campsites.

Right on the water!

There are only pit toilets, so if that’s not your thing I would stray - but honestly the stars at night are worth the lake of a flush toilet.

Super dog friendly, and great swimming.

Each site has a bear box and a pit toilet/outhouse situation.

Greag trails and even better sunsets.

Some campsites are hike to/boat to - so you leave tour car in the parking lot. And then there are boat to only sites - which also include the sites on the islands which I think are pretty cool.

Really close sites

I hate to give this such a low rating, because the Campground wasn’t too bad, but all of the sites were really close together.

My other biggest thing was that you couldn’t have any fires.

It was unlike anywhere else I had ever been though. Right at the end of Cape Cod. We found a trek through the sand dunes that eventually led to this beautiful beach that wasn’t full of people (due to the hot trek through the sand dunes.)

The park people were nice, there were bathrooms, and they had a charging station in the main office - that also had hot coffee in the morning.

Cheapest National Park Camping Ever

Vermont to begin with is beautiful.

Getting into a national park to begin with is usually a fee, and then camping is a separate fee.

You can stay in the National Green Mountain forest for only TEN DOLLARS A NIGHT.

Its not the biggest campground, but it’s never been too busy. Plus it’s only ten dollars!! I’ve always just filled it a slip and left my money in a box, so it’s present relaxed and based on a trust system.

Dog friendly, and around a decent pond for swimming. It’s also close to other locations in Vermont for hiking/swimming.

Breath-taking Seclusion

I’ll have to say my stay will probably differ than your average trip. My boyfriend and I took a road trip to San Diego to stay with a friend for a few months, and we spent some time in Laguna Campground. It was however not only the middle of the week - but also December, so we were the only ones there.

The park rangers were friendly, the space was expansive, oh and the stars ✨

Did a couple of trails and really enjoyed our time, despite how weird the elevation can make me feel sometimes.