Nora S.

Fairfield , CT

Joined August 2020

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A sick semi-secluded spot!

This was an awesome spot for sure, we actually happened upon this spot after hiking through the Black Hills all day. We were planning on backcountry camping in the park, but the amount of bugs and the inability to find a flat spot out of the trees pushed us to try and hike back to our car. We stumbled upon this spot on our way back, and as a big climber I couldn’t resist climbing up some boulders. We ended up just setting up camp at the base of one of the boulders and had a great stay! It was amazing to be completely surrounded by beautiful forest and giant rocks, and we had a peaceful nights sleep! I climbed up again in the a.m to take some pictures of the view, and we left shortly after but would definitely recommend to anyone that’s a fan of dispersed camping and wonderful scenery!

Beyond cool but crowded.

This was a really cool campsite, mostly because of the wildlife and the views! It’s only about 30 minutes away from the Badlands NP, and very close to Wall,SD. The campsite is actually made around a flat spot in the prairie lands, and the tents are set up in a circle. We set up camp around 5pm, and went to visit the Badlands which is a definite must! Upon coming back, we ran into a herd of bison on the road and because they were so close we got some awesome pictures! Prairie dogs are also everywhere, which if you can be quiet and quick enough you can maybe snap a pic! The only problem with this campsite is as it’s a popular campground, the amount of people there was too much for us. We had our tent moved by a group of rowdy people who kept us up at night and woke us up in the morning. Nonetheless, we had an awesome time and I would definitely recommend staying up long enough to check out the stars because it was quite a sight! Also we were traveling in a 2wheel drive, and the last part of the road to the campsite is a bumpy one so drive slow..!

A beautiful state park campsite site

This campground is definitely an awesome spot to spend the night. We arrived there around sundown, and set up camp in the spot we reserved. The view was absolutely beautiful over the hills, with the forest giving us cover from the bright sun rays in the a.m. Slight warning though, if you aren’t an early riser the sun might not be a problem but the railroad is right behind most of the sites and we did hear a couple trains go by. We headed out early in the morning, unfortunately too early to drive through the bison range but we did stop to see the beautiful waterfall on the other side of the highway exiting the campsite. Would 100% come again, and hopefully check out the range. Side note, drive slowly on the gravel road we saw a lot of little bunnies and they hop everywhere regardless of cars!

A relaxing spot close to Madison

So I think my impression of this campground mostly has to do with the fact that although it’s an actual campground unlike what we usually do (dispersed camping), it was completely secluded. We were the only ones with a tent, and the rest of the people there were people who had set up semi-permanent RV homes. Although we did see some really cool set-ups, we didn’t see a soul and we weren’t mad about it! They had showers and a pool, as well as other amenities such as toilets and fire pits.This was definitely a relaxing spot, with very little noise and relative seclusion. Also to add the fire pits were actually metal rings, so you can move them wherever you want. Would definitely return!!

A foresty safe haven!

So this campsite we ended up finding last minute in a desperate attempt to find somewhere close as night fell. And let me just say, we couldn’t have asked for a better campsite. The area was very easy to find, although the directions don’t exactly lead you to the right spot. It’s actually a turn farther up the road where you take a right instead of a left, the left leads you to an area where camping is forbidden and is used as a horse trail. Luckily as we had arrived so late and it was dark, a couple of horseback riders just pointed us farther down the road and we quickly found a spot. However, you have to make sure to self-pay at the little turnout before the campsite for a US pass, I think the fee was about $6 but our annual pass was an acceptable form of payment. The campsite was well maintained (as much as you can expect from dispersed camping) with a little fire pit and a flat space clear of rocks. We woke up to the noises of the wildlife around us, and the beautiful sunrise over the mountains. A very enjoyable stay, and would recommend to anyone!

A night spent on the lakeshore..!

So we arrived to Lloyd lake at night, and the directions led us right to the spot. However when we arrived we did see signs of the park closing at 10pm and reopening at 6am which made us weary of if we were even allowed to camp here. We figured since it was very secluded and there was not a single soul in sight to see, we would be okay. Turns out we were! No one came by all night, and apart from the noises from cars driving up the main road in Monticello it was pretty quiet. The noises of the cars do project accross the lake so it can sound pretty loud, but with pretty low traffic flow we fell asleep quickly. In the morning I woke up to birds chirping and ducks squealing, which is honestly a very lovely wake up call! The lake was peaceful, and the view was amazing.. definitely worth the trip a little outside Moab to hit Canyonlands and Arches the next day!

Never seen anything like this before!

So I was hesitant to write a review because I didn’t want this place to have any more visitors than it already does..! It was an amazing experience overall and we can’t wait to come back. The address on google maps however DOES NOT lead to the camping destination but we ended up running into a couple of ATV’ers that led us in the right direction. It’s actually off the highway before where the maps lead you and there is a sign that says Travertine Hot Springs. Having arrived at night, we were very glad to have met the locals that were helpful in showing us the way! So once you turn off the highway, you follow a dirt road that leads you straight to the springs. We ended up turning off and heading up a pretty rough road to find a spot on top of a canyon looking hill to camp. We were looking for seclusion and we definitely got it! The view was amazing from up top, and in the morning with a quick 5 minute drive we changed into our bathing suits and went for an early morning “nature hot tub swim”. The springs are hot but not boiling, and we spent an hour soaking there with absolutely no worries in the world. Definitely an amazing stay, and absolutely no hesitation to go back!


This campground has to be one of my favorites ever, and that’s definitely saying something! We arrived on this spot after spending a long day at Yellowstone and being bummed we couldn’t get a backcountry pass for the night. But our luck quickly changed when we found this hidden gem, about 20 minutes away from Yellowstone’s west entrance. We followed a dirt road for a short while till arriving upon the lake shore, where we were met by some truly amazing views. With the mountain range reflecting upon the water, and the orange and pink clouds floating above we spent the evening wishing we could stay there forever. After taking many pictures of the view, we set up camp along the waterfront and set a fire (there are about 3/4 campfire rings). We ended up making some awesome bread, mixing only beer and batter together cooked on the fire and it turned out delicious! The only problem was in the morning, after having left the tent open for only 5 minutes at night an unknown critter came into the tent and stung my eyelid, so watch out for bugs!! Still wouldn’t give this any lower of a score, because for us it was truly paradise!!


So this campsite was absolutely beautiful, and I would give a longer review but we unfortunately just stayed the night and left early in the morning. Not that we wouldn’t have wanted to stay longer though! The beautiful views of the mountains, and the bird’s eye view of the city of San Bernardino was definitely breathtaking. Slight warning however; the dirt road that leads up to the first spots is a doozy, and very long. When arriving at night, we felt like it would never end but don’t worry it does! Wish we could have explored more, so till next time!

Beyond Amazing!

We had the absolute best time here, the campground was easy to find and very secluded. We arrived there late as usual, and found a spot just as the sun was finished setting. The dirt road that leads to it is pretty rough, but we made it in our little Camry (2wheel drive) without too many scratches. We set up camp, and there was a little fire pit where we cooked some stuffing. We heard coyotes howling at night and could hear some other little critters which made our experience even more wonderful. I ended up climbing up some boulders in the morning to take some pictures of the view surrounding us, and I couldn’t see a single soul in sight. We had an absolutely fantastic time and can’t wait to go back. The Joshua trees that surrounded us were also beyond cool to look at, and offered us some relative shade in the morning from the hot heat of the desert.

A cool spot but very crowded

The campground is made up of only dispersed camping areas, and offers some awesome views. However, because it is so close to the city, we found that all of the spots off the dirt road were occupied. People were almost everywhere, so if seclusion is what you’re looking for we don’t recommend :( We arrived there around 8pm so maybe it has something to do with that, but we have never seen this many people in an dispersed camping area. After searching for awhile we ended up settling into a spot, and were met by some unpleasant people (who looked like they had too many drinks) telling us that they were planning on camping there. Overall we ended up finding a spot to put up our tent and we left as soon as the sun rose. Great area, not such pleasant people.

A woodsy paradise

So upon arriving on this campsite, we discovered quickly that among these hot summer months the area is closed for camping. Due to a high threat of forest fires, the camping spot can’t be used but it’s not impossible! Based on a map posted at the entrance, we followed the road to find a bunch of spots about 20 minutes down the dirt road. The spot we found was very secluded ( mind you we only spotted 2 other groups of campers ), and offered great shade with the trees. Sunset was absolutely amazing, and although no fires are allowed we had a very peaceful and amazing time. The entrance to the dirt road is 3 minutes away from the entrance to Bryce and after a long day of hiking, this campsite was the perfect refuge.