An o.k. place to stay in a pinch, but not my first choice

The sites weren’t anywhere near being level.  Not a deal breaker or even a surprise, but when paying a high price at a KOA, I would expect them to be a bit more level than they were.

There is a pool and splash pad.  A bit inconvenient because they require anyone 16 and under to be accompanied by an adult.  Not that I would send them to the pool alone, but it would be nice if my 13 year old could go to the splash pad without me.  

There is a play structure, but it is located near a the Colorado River!! What idiot decided that the safest place to stick a playground would be near a river?  I’m not even talking about alligator hazard! So, once again, the kids couldn’t go alone without an adult. That’s half the fun of camping for kids. They love exploring and doing stuff on their own.  The park was located right alongside a busy highway, and while I didn’t mind that, I think some people would find it less than a pleasing spot. Definitely not a quiet spot.

There were laundry facilities which I used twice.  The dryers worked really well, drying a heavy load of towels in about 30 minutes.  They had a small store to pick up things like ice cream, fire starter and r.v. supplies.  Excellent wi-fi. The game room was lackluster. Just a pile of puzzles, old board games and a foosball table.

Overall, this was a fine location if you get stuck between Austin and College Station, but I would suggest not getting stuck.  I chose it because I had to be in or near Bastrop and the Bastrop State Park was undergoing serious renovations and most of its amenities were closed for the season, but honestly, I probably won't stay here again.

Beautiful views of the lake from almost every site

There is a designated swimming area in the campgrounds.  Beautiful, wooded park with large lake that has a section for watersports and fishing.  I wish we had stayed here for more than one night. Definitely a place to return for a visit.  It is a little remote, but there was cell phone reception. Perfect for biking/scooters/walking/swimming.

I will try to stay on the outer rim the next time we go, so that we can enjoy meals by the water.

Great campground but trails were inaccessible from campgrounds

The camping section for r.v. is very steep.  We were situated near the shower/bathrooms, but I felt sorry for the guys that were located down the hill.  At the bottom of the hill was a classic playground with swings, slides and a merry-go-round. If I had come just for camping, then this park was great.  But I also came to try the hiking and the trails around the area, but there isn’t a single trail near the r.v. camping area. I guess they expected you to drive to a trailhead.  We walked to a couple of the historic sites, but it was all road and concrete and we had to keep making way for the vehicles. I had been looking forward to trail walk, and instead I felt like I was on a city walk.  The historical sites were quaint, and since we were there on a weekend, they had re-enactments. It would have been a dud on a Monday. The second day, we were smart and we drove to the Indian Cave. It was a good thing, too.  It was another extremely long, steep hill down to the trail head. I think it took us a good 20 minutes to make the drive. The trail itself was more of a boardwalk, and it took us only a few minutes to get up to the cave.

Over-all, I think the park lacks good planning.  They could make it so much better if they could connect the camping area with at least one of the trails to the northeast.  As it is, I would recommend the site if you have a separate vehicle or as a day trip.