Typical campground for floating

That spaces are roomy than most other state parks, at least it seems. They are too strict in their quiet hours if you ask me…right at 10 our group was told to be quiet. (My large family of about 20 who was just sitting around the fire). Other than that we took a nice float the next day! A photo of us enjoying the night and fire!

Close to the city

We enjoy this park because it’s a pretty close drive allowing us to stay one night. We come here to have a fire at night and go kayaking the next day. Perfect little getaway.

Great for fishing

We go here for our annual fishing trip. And also floating! A lot of nice stuff is provided to do and keep you entertained. Very beautiful scenery.

Standard campground

This campground is nice to go to in August-September time. We got to be pretty alone, with no one around. Other than that it is pretty crowded, RVs very close, but like a typical campground. It’s convenient for floating though!

Very neat and beautiful

We went for a Dead and company show at Alpine. Everyone was very accommodating, easy going and nice. You just buy firewood there. It was $45 and night but I don’t know if that was because of the show. Most campsites have shade. This campsite is largely occupied by permant RVs. You are in walking distance of the lake with boat ramp, kayaking and water inflatables. I loved it! Also, there is a store with full kitchen.