This was the best campsite I've ever been to!

The campgrounds are lovely, and you can get sites directly on the lake. The water is quite rocky and hard to swim in without water shoes, but with a $10 pair I bought at a local gift shop, I had no problems. If you check out the lake at night you can watch HUNDREDS of crawdads crawling across the rocks! If you aren't scared of the leeches that also come out at night, you can catch them by the bucketload! They're great eating, and even though there were 10 of us in the water with visible leeches swimming about, not one person got bit. There's also wonderful hiking trails that start right at the campsite, and the woods hide beautiful rock formations and the stone foundations of long destroyed houses. If you're planning on driving anywhere instead of hiking, bring a jeep. Some of those little dirt roads can be very muddy and a normal car would DEFINITELY get stuck out there.