Nicole R.

Richland, MI

Joined August 2016


This place is just wonderful! So spacious, it has a beach, beautiful trails of different levels and so much to offer. Only downside is that the beach gets crowded if the weather is nice. I would have given this 6 stars if possible.

Not for us

No real nature to enjoy, and crowded. They did have a nice pool, playground, and sand pit. We won't go back, but our friends liked it enough to reserve a spot for next year.

Loved it

We like to hike and this site had great (kid and beginner adult level) trails. We were in town for the Sgt Tommys fishing day and lived that event as well.

Better than Yellowstone

If you're planning a trip to this part of the country, this is a must see! Breathtaking!

Great experience

I really loved it here. The people were so friendly and it was a really gorgeous view. We loved exploring the mountain.

Fun for kids!

This campsite is so much fun. It's not where I would choose to go if it were just me, but the fun they have for kids is unbeatable. They really make camping a fun experience for little ones.


This is a really gorgeous place to stay. The beach is wonderful, there is lots of room, although it does get crowded. And, of course the sand dunes make this a unique destination from other places. I would definitely recommend it!

Loved it!

This is a great place for families. With a lake, trails, and lots of room, this makes for a great introduction to camping for little ones.

Great place

This is out in the middle of nowhere. Not a lot of bells and whistles…very rustic. This is also a short drive away from tons of beautiful walking paths.