Nick S.

York, PA

Joined June 2018

Fine for locals

The lake is okay but you can't even see it from the campsites. The trails are also pretty boring and nothing more than a stroll.

leaning rock hike is fun

it has a nice hike up above a creek with a huge rock that appears ready to fall over the cliff with a simple touch. very neat

Fun fun fun!

Fantastic lake side camping resort. Best for campers or using their cabins but it has freeway access to the lake and beautiful views.

Fantastic weekends here

This is a great place for a long weekend away. The tent sites are nice and they have a number of dog friendly sites. Fun beach area, hikes and fishing.

Fun day hike

It's a great spot for a day hike with the family. It's look out over the Susquehanna River is fantastic and puts you up with the birds.

Better park than campground

It's a nice park around a big lake with big bass. However it isn't a great place for rent campers. I'm sure it's nicer with a camper but what fun is that?

Same old thing

Standard PA state park around a lake. A few hiking opportunities and a nice lake to fish or kayak on. The pool is decent but a bit far of a walk from the camp sites.