Well maintained and beautiful views

Recent renovations and strong maintenance make this a great stop. Easy access to the northern Sawtooths. Great lake views and easy, well maintained road access.

Great river access

This campground directly borders the river with many sites sitting just feet from it. There are some pools built from river rock that allow for the water to warm to a comfortable temperature before the rest of the river does, making swimming much more feasible. The river is wide here, with a relatively slower current. If you're here to float the river, this is a perfect pull out/put in spot.

Forested Oasis

Amidst the rolling hills of farmland and open spaces emerges this deeply forested reservoir. Wonderful fishing, trout, bass, catfish, and even tiger musky. This isn't a great lake for swimming, as it's loaded with thick algae. It is great for boating a small boat or getting lost in the thick pines around it.

Best morning views of the mountains

While your access to the park is more limited than would be ideal, this scattered site is free and has the best view, across the valley, of the Teton range. I recommend getting up early to best enjoy the sunrise, before taking off for the park. There are no reservations, so claim your space as early as possible, but the view is worth it, the higher up the hill you get.

Worth the trek

It's hard to say anything bad about any campsite in the Tetons. This site does hold snow well into the spring and summer, and is hike in only, so prepare to work a bit for your spot. The seclusion is worth it, but prepare for wildlife, as I did have a bear circle my tent overnight. This site has great access to some of the more remote Backcountry hikes in the park, so if you want to spend your time in the park by yourself for a few nights, this can be a great first stop before you trek into the mountains.

High Alpine Camping

Phenomenal camping in the Beartooth Wilderness. Up over 9000 feet, prepare for cold nights and large mosquitoes in the summer. Don't let this turn you away though, as the mountain views and air are worth it.