Super clean and nice people!

We enjoyed everything and the people were friendly.  Worth the trip!

Unhappy camper - again

I told my wife that this was the rotten place that we stayed at before. She insisted that was somewhere else but there we were, all the people complaining about the nasty manager lady as we are swimming by AND the creepy, chubby manager dude with the grey goatee, ogling the little girls a little too long. Why are those people still there?? All she does is sit outside the office and smoke cigarettes and he creeps around. Everyone hates them and will smile to their faces but they're horrible!

Pros: paved roads, mostly clean bathrooms and two swimming pools. Cons: Teeny, tiny sites. Bingo hall bathrooms are gross. Awful, rotten egg smelling water. The beds in the cabin rentals are rock hard. Horrible WiFi. Good luck if you’re there and the electric cuts out. Very few activities (which you will also hear about"there used to be so many activities" "Lisa never has any activities any more") Good grief, the people are unhappy but I guess, too cheap to move on to a better place? The entire staff complains about them constantly, especially Rhonda in the office. I just came in to buy ice, lady, I don't need to hear about much you hate your boss!

I would suggest you keep looking rather than tolerate this toxic place and all the unhappy seasonal people and employees. Save your money and vacation time for a nice place with decent management.