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Great For a Cedar Breaks Adventure!

Easy to access dispersed campground. Coal Creek is a convenient site to stay in if you're checking out Cedar Breaks.

There are quite a few spots suitable for setting up camp and you've got some tree cover to help insulate you from 14. Watch for the pretty big potholes that you'll want to take slow when you first come in if you have a low clearance vehicle but otherwise it's a really solid campground.

Gorgeous view, Not so gorgeous smell.

I've stayed at Walker Lake's 20 Mile Beach campground a few times and I'd say the site has a few pros and cons.

It has some remarkable sunrises and sunsets and it's easy to access places to camp (Though be aware there are some sandy sites that might be inaccessible without a 4x4 vehicle).

The downsides are that the smell of the lake itself isn't exactly pleasant, you're never very far from the highway so there's regular road noise, and depending on the season the mosquitos can be rough.

Either way it's worth stopping in to check out the views!

Simple Lakeside Life

While it's not the most exciting camping, Jone's Lake offers the simple necessities along with quick access to the lake. Hiking in the area is pretty flat though so don't go in expecting much of a challenge.

Quiet and Pristine

I've been to the campgrounds at Carolina Beach State Park a lot over the years and nothing has really changed since the first time. Rich native wildlife and plants in a shaded setting.The sites themselves are easily accessible and closely located to restrooms. Rarely have there been rambunctious clientele and you're centrally located to a number of recreational opportunities. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.

4WD Only

I wouldn't recommend even thinking about taking a passenger vehicle to this site. The road is narrow, the rocks are big, the terrain uneven, and there's plenty of sand. Tried to get my van in and raked the underside. There was no one around which was about the only good thing about the experience. Maybe someone with a truck or SUV could appreciate it more.

Fun for Recreation

Really cool canyon campground. There's some great views to be had of the city of Logan and abundant mountain biking trails throughout the canyon.

The road in is gravel and gets a bit rough in places but nothing too terrible. You have a bathroom near the gate and another up the road a ways but if you're going deeper in the options are limited. I've also found that come Spring things can get a little crowded so be aware.

Gorgeous Shoreline

I stayed at the Cisco Beach campground in May and it was a wonderful spot. It was 15$ a night using a feebox at either entrance. Bathrooms were clean (for a vault toilet) and plentiful. Tons of campsites were available right along the shoreline and it was deserted. Definitely a great view!

Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset Vistas

Awesome free discrete camping along the dirt BLM roads right after you pass the petroglyph site. Lots of RVers seem to like the area but I always camped in my van. Word of warning after it rains though, it's easy to get stuck in the mud.