Natashinka C.

Auburn, WA

Joined August 2018

Beautiful place

Beautiful beautiful place but the beach requires proper footwear as it’s all shells and rocks.

Also encountered too many wasps! Just in 1 day of beach 3 people stung …who knows true number for the camp site…. lol

also need to know is since it’s a state park it requires discovery pass.

Awesome with 1 exception

Place is great for family and group camping.

Weve been coming back again and only damper to this year was the dam in Tacoma was partially drained causing a “low tide” which exposed the dirt and poor beach area… usually when water is at normal level the beach is all sand and water is clean and clear. Some camping sites have a steep walkway to them but each year we come we find a better spot and take it next year. Overall a great place to go!