Natasha H.

Portland, OR

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Desert Camping at its easiest

You either LOVE or HATE the desert. Its hard to find an in-between. Black Meadow Landing is for all campers- whether you love or hate the desert BML will be a place that you will want to go back to. Just above the Parker Dam on the California side of fantastic Lake Havasu is a little slice of paradise. I had been going to Black Meadow Landing from 1984 to 2013- I had tent camped there as a kid as well as RV-ing. You can find all of the amenities one would need while being in the middle of a desert oasis. Too hot for the tent you brought? Rent a hotel room (I have never been in the rooms). Dont feel like cooking? Go to the diner. Forget something? You have a store right there. Need Gas? They have an on-water Cheveron for your boating needs or your land-bound vehicle needs. I golfed here during the monsoon season- its far too hot during summer to bring your clubs.
In the wonderfully hot nights I have chased wild burros attempting to get up close to them (as a young kid basically growing up here… stay away from wildlife…. watch and observe from afar). Wild Rams roam around every so often. Skunks will check out your trash at your site so be sure to dispose of your trash before you tuck-in for the night. Fishing is wonderful here. We used to fish from the docks and catch Large Mouth Bass and Catfish. Crayfish are plenty around the area and can be caught easily. You will see Carp and Perch and Bluegill as well. BML is right on the water and there are many RV sites that are waterside. I am not certain about tenting sites close to the water however you have a lagoon to swim in, a sheltered cove full of boating slips.

Since this is Lake Havasu, be forewarned that during holiday seasons it can get pretty crazy busy and the crowds are plenty- on the water and at the lake even at this campground. Most of the ordeal is up in Havasu City and populates in the Channel and under the London Bridge… so you are a ways from it all however close enough to make the North End a day trip.

Work Hard, Reap the Benefits

With Yosemite being one of the BUSIEST campgrounds in California it took over a year and a half to reserve a campground where we could reserve 4 consecutive sites for 4 RVs to camp together. It was absolutely wonderful and worth it. This is a great location if you are interested in the river as well as the numerous hiking trails within the park. Though anywhere you camp if you have your vehicle with you, you can always drive and find parking within the park itself to camp in. It is VERY EXPENSIVE to camp here as well. You have a fee just to get in as the park as well as fees for the campsite and additional vehicles as well. After being fee-ed to death we had a wonderful camping experience! You really have hundreds of options for things to do, places to hike, things to see and experience or you can just chill at your campsite and enjoy what you can with nature. I personally prefer less crowds however I do recommend people camp in any of the Yosemite campgrounds at least once in their lifetime. The stores can get kinda pricy and it takes a bit to truck things in I get that. I loved the end of summer camping however some of the smaller rivers and streams are snowmelt fed so they can get pretty dry. It gets pretty cold… no matter the time of year so please plan accordingly.

Big Bear Lake Camping and Discovery

A great campground that is very close to the amenities of small town Big Bear Lake village / town. The discovery center is very close which does tend to get busy during the summer months and on long weekends. I had in my mind that the campsites would be closer to the water however it was not terrible. I did not like my specific campsite however saw quite a few sites that I marked off in my mapbooks as locations to request (if available / applicable) A lot of sites in Ca are First-Come and are not reservable however you can save a space (or you could a couple years ago) Very scenic- great hiking and trails. Bring your bike. Great for tenting. RV accessible as well. Discovery Center is awesome and has a Jr Ranger Program as well.

Sites are not the cleanest however its up to the campers to keep things clean. While a site host is usually there it is quiet for the most part. Very enjoyable and would go again. NOT my favorite but it isnt bad. Especially if you live in the Riverside area or Southern California and want to have a quick getaway to the local mountains for some outdoor reset time.

Redwoods to the Northern Coast-

You get a chunk of some of the most beautiful Redwood forests, oceanside. While the campsites are small and pretty close together it is rare to find a good campsite that offers showers, great scenery, bear boxes, fire rings and tables with your fresh water etc. Tent camping and RVs. You feel as though you are miles away from life as you know it and can truly get the chance to experience nature and relaxation with these giant old growth redwoods. Fern paths and wild berries galore. Northern beaches with overcast and fog which creates some chilly nights and mornings- plus you can get damp if you are not prepared. Northern coast. If the sites were not so busy all the time and cramped I would give it 5 stars.

Secluded Camping in Gods Country

A great campground that is quiet and sites are tucked away. Lots of lake activities from boating, swimming (very cold waters) and fishing. Some pretty bipolar weather though so be prepared. Basic sites- hookups, water, bathrooms, firepits, tables and more. A great place that is more or less known by locals and those campers seeking out places like this. Keep it clean, I have been here before and had issues with finding random trash. It was after a fairly busy holiday. Just spent a couple of nights here and there… would recommend this site for families, couples, groups etc. Hiking, biking, nature walks, fishing, boating, etc. High Desert mixed with forested areas.

Summertime Hangout

I had spent many summers camping with friends at Leo Carillo State Park. Various campsites with easy access to one of the best beaches in Malibu. Close to everything fun in So Cal- Close to The Pier, Malibu, Hollywood, LA and more. Camping under the oak trees and in a small canyon. Lots of local wildlife- deer, coyotes, hawks, snakes, bugs and tidepools on the beach.
Camping in tents and RVs. Cold foggy mornings from overcast however it clears up. Cool or cold nights and mild days. Decent wading into the ocean and good surfing all around. Not too bad with rip-currents and is great for younger kids too! The rangers at this park love to entertain the kids and they have lots of Jr Ranger programs through the local surrounding areas! Look for them! One of the best beach camping locations in So Cal HANDS down! It gets crowded quickly so book early

Near to Sedona... still very magical

While we only stayed over one night it was pretty nice. Busier than I would have expected however it was somewhere we would enjoy going back to again. Very basic camping but it is in a very magical location!

I do not have more to add to from the other reviews- the nights and mornings are cold so plan for drastic temperatures. We went during monsoon season- Late August. Came in during lightening- it probably would have rained had it not been so warm. Very serene and nice.

Wilderness Camping with the basics - A hidden Gem

What a fantastic lake! Secluded in the mountain back country of the Southern Oregon area - not far from Medford / Grants Pass / Siskiyou National Forest / Crater Lake

Great boating lake for water sports, good fishing, excellent hiking and great campsites and in nearby campgrounds not listed on The Dyrt yet, you can get some really secluded sites that are just beautiful… but do not expect more than an outhouse and a spigot, a picnic table (maybe a bear box?) and fire-ring- which to me is PHENOMENAL camping. Fresh water, a bathroom and nature. Works!

The Willow Lake County Park offers more amenities though and great wilderness. Its a beautiful little gem and gets amazing weather- from warm and sunny to random rainy thunderstorms that do not last long. Truly God-sent sunsets and sunrises.

Great place to make some wonderful memories with streams, creeks, the lake, the forested areas, trails, canyons, fishing, hiking, canoeing and more.

Historic Site, Variety of Camping options, beautiful area

Do you want to; Tent, RV, Cabin or Yurt camp? Well this place is for you. Small campground overall however it is very much a place to camp! Located at the historic Champoeg State park there are a number of buildings and preserves that are dedicated to the history of the fur trading of the era. From Frisbee golf courses to numerous hiking trails, horseshoe pits, museums and festivals galore! Camping alongside the Willamette River allows you to canoe, kayak, paddleboard, water ski / wakeboard, or any other boating sports. Fishing is alright- not the best I have fished here but they are out there. Clean bathrooms, "public" dock, great site layouts, close by to portland and surrounding suburb areas- go Wine Tasting one day and then sleep in the various oak groves under the stars. EXCELLENT location to get a taste of Portland without getting city.

Amazing Red Rock Hiking Lakefront Camping

Cattail cove was another Havasu Campground my family frequented from 1984 to 2000 It has awesome memories of hiking along the red rocks and lake, following wild Ram through the mountainsides and finding great cliff-jumping spots into the refreshing waters in summer heats. It DOES get very hot here in the summer, so be prepared. I have been during a record 132-degree days. You stay in the water and dont get out under some shade!

Excellent swimming areas. Good docks for your boats- but make sure you have some good bouis so you dont get any damage. The restaurant / bar used to be really good. In 2012 we visited it and it was not great… but we didnt get sick. Functional store. Gas available for your boat or vehicle. Clean nice bathrooms. OK Campgrounds… clean, more-so meant for motorhomes however some pretty good tent sites in the valley area.
At night bring out your black light and look for scorpions. You'd never even know they were there if you were enjoying the night sky on the jetty. Awesome wildlife and nature. While wild burros / donkeys are more predominant on the California side of the lake you'd still be likely to see some. Skunks. Bats. Owls. Hawks. Rams, snakes (rattlers, king snakes, gophers and more though the campground maintenance is pretty good about keeping it safe). Great large mouth bass fishing, catfish and other species, crawdads, and other fun finds. I used to enjoy skin diving near the cliffs there and in coves.

Little Slice of Fishing Heaven

My husband and I have been camping at Convict Lake for many years. He and his family have gone to opening day of fishing in the freezing cold for MANY years. Tucked away in the mountains of the Inyo National Forest it is just a few skips North of Bishop and an easy drive up to Mammoth from here. Choosing the best site takes some know-how and I cant give you my sweet spots just yet however I will share some details about fishing here on this little lake . It is decent fishing from almost any point- shore or from small boat. I have caught several fish myself- even out-fishing my husband on our honeymoon. The little store is great- friendly people. The little restaurant is fine- though there are places a short distance away as well.

While we have either tent-camped or had a motorhome this campground offers various rental cabins, inexpensive showers that are decent (comparatively speaking). Good hiking. great hot springs, cold springs, picturesque views, plenty of small museums just south in Bishop (Railroad museum etc) and small casino in the North End of Bishop on the southbound side.

Its a great little escape- as long as people continue to keep it nice and clean

Great Family Camping

Lodgepole Campground at Kings Canyon / Sequoia is a GREAT park to do some great family camping. It is clean, well laid-out and very well maintained. I had sponsored the Sequoia National Parks for many years because of how well they maintain the parks, campgrounds, facilities and how their interpretive programs are. Hiking through the Crystal Caverns is amazing. Must do it. It is QUITE A WALK down to the caves so give yourself plenty of time to do the walk down BEFORE you go on the tour. This way if you have little ones with little legs, they get a rest and can enjoy the tour.

The lodgepole campground is very close to The Village marketplace and makes it nice for "easy camping"- grabbing items that you may have forgotten or to pick up a nice treat. They also have showering facilities at The Village Marketplace as well. It makes it nice if you plan to tent camp for any period of time.

I have tent camped here over 20+ times in a 10 year span. I do not know if they have opened up the stables again however they used to have horseback riding trips that were fun to do.

A nice little river/stream runs though the campground and it makes it nice to have "mini adventures" without having to leave camp at all.