If you are the "party campers" this isn't a bad place to camp but is not a very good place to camp for viewing wildlife and there are no hiking trails. It is basically a lake and is mostly RV sites. Lots of kids and adults both are usually partying during the summer. If you are one of those campers then there is swimming, boating, and drinking.


This so far is my absolute favorite place to camp in the northwest region of Oklahoma. At night you can hear elk. There is a variety of sites from RV, tents, and hike in sites. The park has free range elk, buffalo, and longhorn. Absolutely beautiful and has lots of sites but does fill up fast! Even in March and sometimes February!

Lovely Campsites/ Abused Park

Turner falls is gorgeous park with plenty of room for everyone to swim and lots to explore. There is also a castle you can explore but the park has gone a little downhill. People have spray painted all over the place and there is trash everywhere.

The campsites are awesome for someone who enjoys spread out and more secluded sites away from others. You can find some that are fairly spread out and hidden if you look hard enough.

Beautiful but Small

The park itself is beautiful. The campsites are in the canyon along the canyon walls. The park is often packed and it can be difficult to find a spot if you arrive late. They are small sites but are mostly soft grass with minimal stickers.


The campgrounds at Boiling Springs State Park are small and the majority are RV sites. There are GIANT mosquitos in the late spring and summer and they are in swarms. The park is not as well taken care of as it used to be. Small trails are near by and there are plenty of deer and raccoons to see. Lots of trees on the outer campsites in the Whitetail Campground.