Very Civilized Camp

This campground was so nice and clean and was very well maintained. The bathrooms were spotless and the hosts were very friendly. Some really nice spots!

Crowded and No Privacy

The campground is in a great spot but it has alot of traffic and minimal privacy

Desert Bliss

This campground is awesome, it is perfect for roaming the desert in peace. The dirt road is well maintained and my dogs were able to explore our whole loop.

Awesome location no privacy

This campground is cool because you can literally take a bus to it. It is right outside of Avalon and walking distance to everything. This is where the TCT begins.

Lovely little campground

This is a hike in campground that has stoves and a creek running through. The sites are nicely spaced and there is plenty of shade. Perfect little backpacking trip.

Seclusion at its finest

This campground is AWESOME, if you like dispersed campsites then this is perfect! It is easily accessible but doesnt get too crowded

Glorified parking lot

This campground has a great location but has absolutely no privacy

Location is rare

If you have the opportunity to stay here, please do! Its not too common to be able to camp this close to the water! The sites lack privacy but are perfect for RVs and trailers

Location is great, sites are meh

The location is obviously great but the sites are on top of each other. No privacy and are definitely built for RVs and Trailers

Typical Beach Campground

Much like most California Beach Campgrounds, it is very crowded with little privacy. The beach is great but it is basically a glorified parking lot

1st Campground on TCT

We were only there for one night and arrived at Dusk. Its not the best campground but it had water and a bathroom, it did its job but it isnt somewhere I would use a destination

Great location for exploring

This campground has some really cool sites that are HUGE! This campground is well kept and has many trails to explore. If youre up for it, you can hike to the other nearby campgrounds and lake!

Secluded but easily accessible

When I lived in San Clemente, this was a great campground just to get away! This campground can get rowdy because it is so easily accessible but nothing too crazy! Great views especially at sunset!

Very active campground

This campground is huge! There are so many sites, yet can still get booked up! There are some really nice sites, but the best thing about this campground is how many trails there are to walk on. Plenty of people out and about at any time!

Great Location

great campground located right outside of town. I was pleasantly surprised in the campsites and the beach is lovely!

Like a Fairy Wonderland

Jedediah Smith Campground has some of the greenest forest I have ever seen. The forest is so thick and creates awesome privacy. It is backed up to an amazing river that is so blue.

Surreal Waterfall

This is a very large campground outside of Lassens, if you are deterred by the size of the campground you are making a mistake! We got an excellent site right next to the cliff with plenty of privacy. The waterfall is amazing and theres an awesome little lake nearby too!

Walk to Trestles

San Mateo is one of the better beach campgrounds in California, some sites have some great privacy. Of course it can get very crowded and a bit noisy but thats to be expected with trestles in walking distance! Its also very cool to be right next to the military base, and if you are lucky you can hear mortars at night!

Pretty Nice, crowded.

like all campgrounds in big sur, it gets packed. But the campsites are decent and there's access to a beautiful beach nearby.

Cool location, very crowded

The location is awesome, two harbors has a summer camp feel. Easy little walk to town, great for those who dock their boats. VERY loud and crowded, my husband and I were exhausted after a long hike from Avalon.