Neat place

This camp ground is nice, the camp sites are set up uniquely with rock boundaries. The hiking was very cool. The weird thing is that at night when the air got cooler, the highway noise and trains got way LOUDER. You didn't notice the highway or trains during the day, could barely hear any of it, but as soon as it got dark…. WOW, was it noisy. I'm glad I went there but I don't need to do it again.

Nice and quite state park

Quite place. The area I was in, the camping spots were spread out. The Catalina mountains were right behind us and made a beautiful back drop. Bathrooms seemed to be far away, especially when you really have to go. I do have reservations to go back in October. One down side is that though dogs ARE allowed in the park, they are not allowed on the hiking trails and since I didn't know that ahead of time and I couldn't leave my dog alone at the camp site… No hiking for me =(

Close to Mt. Graham

This is, so far, my least favorite of the AZ State Parks. Maybe because of the season, maybe because of all the kids running around wild… All AZ State parks are clean and have hook-ups, water and bathrooms. There is some nice hiking around the lake and Mt. Graham is very close by, so more hiking there. I got there on Thursday afternoon and all was nice and quite and calm. 

They started to come in droves, Friday afternoon. Little kids on bicycles (many, many of them) riding in the roads like crazy people and making so much noise, it was dangerous and annoying. Saturday was more of the same but now we can add intense heat and crazy wind into the mix. I ended up staying in the teardrop, eating an edible gummy and watch the Matrix trilogy (maybe not the best idea, but in the moment it seemed good). Sunday I drove up Mt. Graham till the road turn to dirt and enjoyed the cold and quite. By the time I came back down the Mt. and went back to camp, all those little Kamikaze bicycle turds had left and it was back to quite. 

I have never experienced that much kid chaos at any of the other state campgrounds.

A nice surprise

Exit 226 off of I-17 and head west on Schnebly Hill Rd. There is dispersed camping all along the road for the first mile or two. It is first come first serve. This is a dirt road and on the weekends there are a lot of off road vehicles and they will not hesitate to drive right through your campsite if they want to get somewhere. We ended up blocking the trail that the off-roaders kept taking with a fallen tree and our teardrop camper to keep them out. That might have been a jerk move but it was crappy to have them drive through and kick up dust at all hours.

After that was taken care of, we had a nice time. The little pond was full of water, lots of wild life, camp fires were aloud, plenty of trees for hammocks, lots of hiking trails, space for group camping. 

I did have some hitchhiking spiders when I got home.

Very pretty area

Camped here in late October of 2018. You basically turn onto E. Mount Bigelow Rd, drive past the UA Observatory and start looking for a place to camp. The sites are spread out with lots of space between. Fires were aloud at the time I was there and I think you would be able to have a pet on a leash. It gets cold on the Mountain at night in October and I was not as prepared as I should have been. No bathrooms, no water, no electricity but lots of fun! Great for group camping and lots of trees for hammocks!

One of the prettiest AZ state parks there is!

This is by far one of the prettiest AZ state parks I have camped at and I've been to most of them. This place is only about 30 minutes from my house, how lucky am I!

I was there in late January and the weather was comfy in the day and cool- cold at night. It is a very windy place, so make sure to tie everything down and have some sort of wind shelter in the afternoon if your not hiking and just hanging out at camp. The hiking is plentiful, the people around are nice, the views are awesome and there are plenty of wild life to see. Going back in November… Can't wait