Friendly folks and well-maintained

Stayed here for a weekend during the hottest part of the summer. Most sites have decent shade.

Sites are back-in with a coarse gravel pad. Current bathhouse is adequate, but a new one is being built. New one looks to be about four times the size of the old one.

There is a raised fire-ring and a picnic table at each site. There is firewood available for purchase.

Grounds sit next to a state numbered highway, so access is easy. Don't expect a remote setting. The highway traffic can be distracting if you're used to camping in the woods.

Well maintained

Camped here for two nights over a weekend. Grounds are clean and well-maintained. The bathhouse was clean and stocked. Could use another toilet during peak season, but otherwise better than adequate.

Fire pits have hinged grates that are in fairly good shape. You probably don't want to lay food directly on top of them, so bring cookware.

Sites were clean. Don't leave anything food-related laying out overnight, the raccoons will get it.

Staff was helpful and friendly.

Stick to On-Season camping here

I rolled through on the Katy in early Spring. The shower / toilet facilities had not been opened for the season yet, so it was fairly primitive in late March. The pavilion was adequate, and you can just set up on the grass wherever.

You'll need to call the city police to let them know you're camping. When I called, Dispatch didn't really know anything about park camping, so I told them to call me back if there was a problem. They didn't call me back, so I guess there wasn't a problem.

Nearby, there's a Casey's a couple of blocks away and a diner called Katarina's a few block further (I ate there twice). The town is nice, but the park is probably better maintained during the on-season.

Beautiful, well maintained.

Rolled through on the Katy in early spring. Camped on a Saturday night. The camping area is near a road, so there was some light traffic overnight, but it was not distracting to sleep. There were a number of horse-drawn buggies that came through in the early evening. The shower and bathroom facilities were basic, but more than adequate. There is a sizable pavilion near the campground. It was early spring, so I had the campground to myself. The park itself is well-maintained, and the staff is very helpful and friendly.