Quiet beautiful campground near the Lake

Philip's lake is a delightful small Lake in the hills near Baker City Oregon and Sumpter Oregon. Is generally great weather and beautiful surroundings make this day wonderful small campground to relax and enjoy nature. There are only 13 campsites.. Non reservable. It is operated by the anthene lakes the anthene lakes scaria company

Gravel road turnout near Shoshone Ice Cave Idaho

This site is across the highway from the entrance to the Shoshone Ice Cave attraction on highway 75. If you are heading north on 75, turn right at the gift shop on the right side of the road. Proceed down the gravel road east and make a left at the first curve to the left. Right after the curve, you'll see a small concrete bridge on the right that crosses the canal. Park in the open area just across the canal. You are between the canal and the Big Wood river which is dry in the summer months. What's nice about this spot is privacy and isolation. It's a great spot near both Shoshone Ice Cave and Just a few miles from Mammoth Cave. The site is next to an old lava flow which is incredible to see and explore. Wildlife we saw includes deer and owls, wood peckers and many other birds.

There's a couple bars of Verizon here. Nice hiking and exploring the river bottom and some water-carved rocks. Just a few miles north on 75 is Black Magic Canyon which has some larger more impressive water carved rocks. You can hike the stream bed. There is an information sign  about this at the intersection of 75 and Black Magic Road. Be careful as the water agencies can release water anytime. They suggest you call before hiking the stream bed. By the way - free RV dump station in the town of Shoshone 16 mile south.

Other worldly

This place is a HUGE lava flow (extinct) that covers thousands of acres of land in eastern Oregon. It is about an hour of the main road on gravel roads that are in good shape. It is beautiful and mysterious. It is easy to spend several hours here looking at all the amazing lava structures left behind from thousands of years ago when this lava erupted and engulfed this area. There are obvious vents to see where a lot of lava blew up out of the ground. Coffee Pot Crater is an amazing blend of colors and rock types. The road by the same name ends right at the crater and there is a small display/sign that describes the history and features. There are some small lava tube caves you can go into where the hot lava retreated leaving empty space. Evidence of lava rivers and flows are everywhere.

Hard to find and hard to get to, but promising!

For you true boondockers…   We tried to go to this campground and google maps took us the wrong way. Upon further investigation with the great "theDyrt" app, I see that we should have approached from the south of Jordan Valley on Danner Loop Road off of the 95 highway, and then north on Lower Cow Creek Road. We will try this next time in the area. Anyway, it looks to be a really cool campground, very primitive, in between upper and lower Cow Lakes. We were going to Kayak, and have read accounts of others having a great time. The whole Jordan Craters Lava flow is insanely cool  !!  Highly recommend. The area is pretty desolate other than that. A lot of open range cattle land. We saw Prong Horn Antelope though.  Beautiful wild flowers. Be warned - if you approach from the east off Hwy 95 on Curly Lodge Road, you "can't get there from here" !!  If you do make it in from the south, please add a review and confirm!

Open, sandy basic campground with some unique interesting sights nearby

The campground is not why you go here. The sites are very basic, sandy, close together however, if you like sightseeing and exploring this place is unique and interesting. The sand dune is huge and weird to see in the middle of this farmland. Not another one for hundreds of miles. That, and the stars at night are really mind blowing. 

We visited in the winter. the campground was all but empty, maybe 4 campers all weekend. The forecast was for 28 degrees Saturday night and my thermometer read 8 degrees in the morning. The RV did fine and didn't freeze up.  Whether you come here in winter or summer, be prepared!  Bring everything you'll need including water, food, warm and/or cool clothing depending on season. It's out there a ways!  The little town of Bruneau (10 minutes away) is not too far away, but they don't have much in the way of supplies or groceries. Mountain Home has everything - about 30 minutes away.

This is an interesting and fun place for a day or two. Wouldn't stay longer than that. The $30 we paid for a full hookup trailer site was a bit on the high side in my opinion, but everything is going up, so it's somewhat a common price.

Beautiful area, lousy road

The road is severely pot-holed. with many lengths being 4-ish MPH if you are towing a trailer. This road is mainly good for razors and toy haulers, not RVs.  Many spots are 1 lane only. There are also washouts intruding into the roadway making it a little tight to get by for a pickup truck sized vehicle