Michael S.

Beverly Hills, MI

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Anthropology major who needs to be outside at all times

Really, That’s Your Signage??

Well if you are arriving here late, good luck…. Pretty much the worst signage I’ve seen in Michigan State Recreation Area. Very good signs to pretty much everything other than Beechwood Campground. Once you do figure out that you have to drive to acolyte back end of park to register then turn all the way back around and find hidden non marked campground, you’ll soon realize they are walk/hike in sites. NO WHERE on DNR website for reservations does it say this. As is if this isn’t bad enough, once you park and find trail the sign then reads “East or west” for sites. Not B1- whatever this way B whatever that way do bring your compass too and flashlight if dark. To say the sites are uneven is putting it mildly. For 15 sites, you seriously can’t level them?? Really lazy considering how nice disc course is and signage for course. I wouldn’t waste your time or money camping here, visit park and use trails or disc course yes. Camp, no way ever again!!

Pretty Bunk.....

Well not sure where to begin, but best place seems Reservation through DNR website. I made my Reservation with no issues, maps of campground looked great, and all seemed great upon booking. Plugged the address into IPhone that was on my Reservation and when I got there not only was the address not an address, but more a spot at end of triangle in road some 1/8 - 1/4 mile past one of what I learned later, many Park entrances.

I doubled back to entrance and checked in with girl at desk. I should’ve known when I wasn’t on her check in sheet and she had to go to computer to find me, I was screwed or about to be. She did in fact find me and now informed me that my campsite was another 5-7 miles away on a road she did not know the name of, but did provide me with a map?.?.?

I finally got to the Deep Lake Rustic portion of the Yankee Springs Rec Area and made my way to my campsite. Now in the past when you look at DNR website and pictures of campsites you are booking, the illustration in very accurate not only in scale but obstacles you may face in route to destination. The drawing for this portion of the campground very much made like it seem there were multiple sites at the Rustic area on or very close to the lake. This was far from the case. The lake was close, but the woods was not something you could cut through easily then if you do, no shore, no dock, no swimming?

To make matters worse, and maybe due to COVID, best looking sites were listed as booked when I looked yet sat empty a day and a half I was there????? Closest market too up the road from “actual” entrance has not restocked since COVID. Really sucks when you can get just an Iced Tea…..

DNR or Yankee Springs to blame on this I’m not sure, but needs to be fixed online and in person.

Beauty But Dangerous Levels of Mosquitoes

I have a hard time giving this place a bad review but just as hard as giving it a good one. There is no question this campground is well maintained and looked after by Rangers. Bathrooms are clean and opening few campsites over look Lake Superior. The bad part though is literally dangerous suffocating levels of mosquitoes penetrating back campsites. My dog and I made it 10 hours in site 32 and just had to go. There was no amount of spray or nuclear power that could stop these mosquitoes. I assume sites on water are better with breeze, but higher number sites beware……