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Right where it needs to be . Nothing else close by

We stopped here on our way to the Texas AVID Expo. While all the close by RV parks were full; filled with oil field workers The Caverns was available.

Although it was off the highway a bit the nice grassy area with trees made it worthwhile. We forgot our mosquito spray and the woman in the shop loaned us hers for the evening.

There were lots of deer in the field and the upper area to watch. Cell phone service was limited .

Beautiful camping on the Alaskan Tundra

Large camping site with camp spots widely dispersed so you are not camping on top of each other.

It was very quiet here only the sound of some birds , the wind and the river.

There is one latrine for the site and depending on your site you could have a long walk to it.

If you want a fire you will have to bring wood. Having driven without XM reception since getting to Alaska we just happened on a spot where we had perfect XM reception.

We arrived in the pouring rain and just as I got the awning deployed the sun came out and treated us with a beautiful rainbow.

A camper saw a wolf in the campground and bears do live this far North .

You can read about our trip to Deadhorse by clicking the below link .


Nice stopping place on the Dalton.

Wide open camping with picnic tables a latrine and delicious well water. Close to Yukon River camp if you don't want to cook breakfast.

You can read about our trip to Deadhorse by clicking on the below link