Michael M.

Aledo, TX

Joined June 2018

beautiful view

awesome reservoir and Mountain View.

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so much potential

this place is extremely beautiful, the lake is amazing and it’s not overcrowded. that being said I am not from the area but I hear it’s been coming around and made better. but there was still a bunch of trash in lake and shore. I kayaked to the far said and found abandoned campsites littered with beer cans and trash. the bathrooms were disgusting, over filled toilets with waste and need a good update. the shower more on the inside was not that bad, but still needed a good cleaning.

Texas. I dont know a better word for it.

This was our first hike-in primitive camping trips. We had a great time minus the unbearble heat. I dont recomend camping here durrinf the summer. We packed out 5 gallons and killed it in a day, but the trail to hike it was alot of fun. We hiked up farther from our campsite and found a nice creek. We stayed in camp site 1 i think right off the trail and that was a mistake we hiked to 2 and wish we wouldve gone to that one instead. It was more off the trail. We had two groups come up on us and one biker almost hit us in the morning. We made sure to put ourselves away from the trail how he ended up in our space is beyond me.

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Quite, small, beautiful waterfront

The campground itself is fairly small. We showed up and i think there was anout about 6 other campsites. We set up about 10’ from the water and had a great time. Woke up fished anout then walked around the lake through a makeshift trail.