Surprizingly nice!

Definitely a leftover from Lake Mead's hayday (they never would have spent this much money without the draw of the lake), this is a very nice campground, tucked away in a State Park (that is a beautiful state park)

Nice spot to stop on your way back from Yellowstone

It's a good basic campground, that for me, is perfectly spaced for a night's sleep when I leave Yellowstone late in the day

Good camping in an underrated..

Good camping in an under rated (nobody talks about it) National Park. Whether you're there to see the bristlecone pines, or Lehman Caves, this is a good spot to be!

Extremely nice

Look, it's a very packed campground, but man is it nice. They have invested a lot of money to make sure you enjoy your stay while you explore Southern Utah

Very cool drive up

But, after 6 miles of dirt road, I encountered the first sign saying that the campground was closed… and the road went nowhere else. Sigh

Very cool campground

This quite frankly, was a shock. You would never expect this campground to be so cool if you just looked in its direction.

Nice KOA

You'll notice that I'm not a fan of KOA style campgrounds, but as they go, this is a nice one, clean, well maintained and in a coolish location

No Swimmer's Itch here

This lake is very close to Sand Hollow State Park, it's a nice lake, with good campgrounds and they do not have the same problems with Swimmer's Itch

There's two very different campgrounds here

This is a very unique State Park, it's a campground, it's a lake, it's a sand dune and its hardcore rock crawling trails. This review is for the campground that has full hookups and is primarily for boaters, as in, no OHV allowed. I will review the other if The Dyrt ever makes a separate entry. This is a very well ran park, the facilities are top notch and the lake is fun. The bad? It is VERY hot in the summer, and the shoreline of the lake has a bad case of the Swimmer's Itch

Cozy campground with turkeys

Very nice campground with ample wild life to keep you entertained, turkeys roaming through camp, roosting in trees, and yellow bellied marmots eating the road for it's salt content.

Don't forget to go to Lehman Caves!

Canyonlands RV Resort & Campground

While it's "nice" it is in a terrible location, it's hard to get on and off the street, it's hard to get around in with anything of size, only the tent spots have fire rings, and the high school band is across the fence every morning at 0600! But, at least it's really expensive.

This picture is the only one I could bring myself to take.

My regular

I virtually ALWAYS stay at Sand Flats when I go to Moab (which is often), because it's a nice campground, outside of the craziness of town, but still close to town. It's quiet, and dark at night, and it's CHEAP

What? A campground in the desert?

It constantly surprises people that there is a campground here. It can be brutely hot during the summer, but the rest of the year, it's a nice place to camp if you are exploring the desert. There is actually a spring here, which used to be readily available, but now it's mostly not available (it's plumbed into taps now). This place has a tremendous amount of history, first it was a station on the Pony Express route, then it was a large CCC project camp, complete with swimming pool, and now it sits on the Pony Express byway, and also is within easy view of the Dugway Proving Grounds, where, if you're lucky, you'll get to see some A10s attacking the hundreds of targets within the proving grounds.

THE best place to stay near Ouray

Well, unless you have a big set up lol

We accidentally found this campground one night when we got a late start out of town to go camp in the mountains. It is a VERY cool campground with amazing views, of the mountains and of town, especially at sunrise and sunset… all without having to be in town!

Unexpectedly nice!

I typically frown on KOAs, but our friends were staying here, so we did too. It was a nice set up, with a creek running through the middle, good facilities and some fun camp spots for tents on grass amongst the trees.

Very grouchy

This is a nice campground, but the entire time I was there, it felt like nobody wanted me to be there.

Nice but small

Nice well ran campground, right on the lake and in town, but it is SMALL


Older large campground in heavy old growth timber that is RIGHT next to Lake Tahoe, how could you go wrong?

It will do

This is the third of three campgrounds along the Truckee River and 89, it is well maintained and has easy access to the river.

Good enough

It's a well maintained campground that is very close to the freeway, you can access the river, but it is a bit further away than it is at Goose Meadows.