Granite Bay, CA

Joined June 2020

Great one one stop over mid CA

This was a one night stay for us to break up the trip from South to North CA. We picked it because of the location and found it a nice little place to pull off HWY 99. 

Basically the owners have removed some of the orange trees and replaced them with RV spots… a great idea! It was truly a nice set up in the orange grove (unfortunately, everyone seems to know about it and within 3 hours our 'all alone site in the corner' was part of a large pack of RV'ers!)… oh well! 

Regardless, we did have an end site with a view of the grove. We have full service and level site that did not require unhooking or adjustments. The WiFi was great. The service was welcoming. We really didn't hear the highway or the road noise until dawn when everyone was waking up; so no big issue as we were needing to get going anyways. 

We didn't pay the extra$20 to reserve our spot(a little extreme), but we are thankful the system did not move us.

Nice new place, but very close and not level

We stayed here a couple of nights to visit our son in Carlsbad near by.  

The staff was very welcoming and friendly, but the site we requested was never available according the to staff (not a big issue,  but for those how are big on getting what they reserve, take note).  There are lots of full time residents here as well.  Not sure I would call it a 'resort' … kind of a stretch and not really a destination location.

The park is basically new and well laid out for the size lot available.  Paved surfaces and well maintained landscaping.  We had a pull through site with full hook ups; it was on a cement pad that was nice, but the city made them slope all the pads for water drainage … a huge amount!  We maxed our our tongue on multiple boards to level off (note, the staff offered even more if we needed them). Regardless, the sites are close together so don't plan on enjoying a quite meal outside (truly for the pull throughs, they are meant to just to park an RV … the back ends in the corners look like they have more room).

When pulling into the park, take note there is a MH park to the right that the RV park owners own as well. So, stay to the right of the drive.

There is a pool and a dog run (it appears many dog owners don't pick up … argh).  The dog run did have large rocks making if difficult to walk and most likely clean, but it was well covered and lite for night time.

I would stay here again to visit my son.

Very nice spread out park to relax for the night

We stayed here one night and would recommend it for anyone wanting to enjoy the night skies, having some distance between RV pull in's, and relax while driving cross country.

The staff was welcoming and showed us to our sites and ensured we hooked up with no issues.  Then, let us enjoy the night.

The dog run was great and well maintained.  We thought he pet rock cemetery was touching (passed on pets have rocks with their names on them laid out in a small memorial). 

We had a pull through full hook up site.  The site was required minor leveling, but no need to unhook. Wifi worked great.  There was road and rail noise though.

We are not sure if there are really any local attractions.

Very nice KOA ... great place for a 1 night pull in

We stayed here 1 night on our cross country trip.  Not sure what to expect, we were very surprised!

The owners are upgrading the park … new cabins, gravel well maintained, nice dog runs (however some people didn't pick up!), great layout for pulling in and pulling out. Full KOA amenities of course.  

We thought it would have road noise and not well positioned, but it sits on a hill and you can see the city lights at night and we didn't hear any road noise at night either!

We had a pull through site with full hook ups.  They have concreate runs for your rig to sit level (NICE) and we didn't need to unhook.

The laundry room as warm (could be AC'd better), but besides that … VERY nice KOA!  The staff was more than friendly and helpful.  They had crews working new landscaping and installing lots of improvements … if you need a place to pull over … this is it.

Off season gem for local hiking and short stay!

This is a historic ranch down the road from Fort Davis.  The ranch serves as a summer camp for kids and groups and we did arrive in Nov so it was like having the place to ourselves (not sure how it would be with lots of kids around!).  There are two locations for RV parking; front and rear.  We stayed in the rear, but would pick the front next time.  The rear was private, but the front seemed to have less building obstacles for night sky and sun setting viewing.  The road is not active at all it seems … very much off the beaten path.

Our spot was a back in and did require leveling, but had full hook ups.  There is no set dog park area (not a big deal!). The horse corrals and horses were a great site to see. The buildings could use a fresh coat of paint and the landscaping could use a few flowers and decorative improvements, but we were not there for the RV spots, but for a short stay and hiking.

We entered from the north side of town and was a little skeptical, but eventually we arrived and were happily surprised.  They do have horse back riding available at all times; however we chose to hike the near by hills in the state park … be prepared for the walk is on rocky, shale, hills so extra work on the leg muscles but WELL worth it!

The staff is very very welcoming and knowledgeable of local attractions … There is Fort Davis you can walk through, hiking at Prude Ranch, hiking in the state park, and a 2 - 3 hour drive that has local natural sites you can see from the car.

Lots of attractions nearby

We stayed here two nights to enjoy Fredericksburg and some hiking.  The welcoming was hands off due to COVID and was taken very seriously.  The site as good and required no leveling.  Easy access with full hook ups and a pass through.  The dog park was good, but basic. Overall the park was quite and well maintained with nice landscaping.  The street view needs some help, but don't let it stop you from coming in!

The Enchanted Rock state park was out of openings (over night and day passes) and were not accepting drive ins for hiking, so plan ahead of you want visit.  The did offer other attractions that we took up (bat cave, cross mountain … both short hikes, but interesting).  We visited the local fort and of course the town.

Will stay again if passing through and can't get in at the state park!  Thanks!

Extremely nice!

We stayed here on a recommendation and it was a great one in deed.  We were only here a couple of nights for a short visit with friends down the street.  It is behind gates and the service was very friendly and welcoming.  We had a back in full service site requiring no leveling and easy connections. Our site was cement surfaced and had artificial grass area of our chairs and BBQ. They have small pond you can walk around and a covered patio / dock over the pond. The residents are a mix of long term and overnighters.  We had a great end spot with a small tree area making it a pleasant and private stay for us.  If in the area this is a must visit park. WiFi worked great.

The only odd thing to note, is that this site requires electronic signing of a PDF to agree to the park rules (noise, music, foul language, site cleanliness,  … found it a little extreme).  The odd thing is even though others have signed assumingly the same agreement, one camper had his music blaring for about 5 min … maybe upset they were enforcing the stringent 'no loud music' policy?? Not sure

Great stop over ... Clean, Nice, easy access

We stayed here for one night on our cross country trip.  It was clean, well maintained, nice layout and landscaping, great dog park, and friendly service.  We had a level pull through with full service with no need to disconnect. Walmart right down the street for replenishing the goods.  Great stop over.

Total hidden gem and must stay

We planned on a 2 to 3 nights and stayed 5 … :).  We were at another local site and was looking for a more quite type of place so we could spend time as a family, so I called over to this place and was overwhelmed by the welcome.  It was late and dark and both owners (Steve and Patty) took my wife and I on a walk through their park with flashlights to show what we could pick from … I have never heard of such fantastic hospitality.  They just purchased the park a few months earlier and have upgraded so much it was almost new.  We eventually settled on two sites they said were rarely used because they were in the far back (#26 and #27) and remote.  

The next day when we showed up to set up, they had their team already clear the sites and prep for our arrival.  One of their team members helped us set up and ensure we were fully ready to enjoy our stay.  The site was level and elec/water hook ups.  Overall, the site as secluded, quite, private. We woke up to trees all around us and only one RV long term person that we never saw many feet away.

We were told they would come by with a 'honey pot' and empty our tanks so we didn't have to move since we were staying long enough to fill them with normal use … WOW, I didn't have to hook up and move just to dump!  They did shared with us and show their portable dump tank they use when they camp … I may pick on up. 

The park had new dog runs, wonderful store, excellent help, and easy dump stations.  I was concerned because of the location of the spot being at the bottom of a hill, and the owners told us not to worry … if we were not able to pull out, he would for us and didn't make us feel bad at all.  The slide was down for the winter, but it was fine.

The park is well off the beaten path so it is quite at night. Enjoyed the late night fires and early morning mists … My son was able to relax for the weekend away from the base.

Good cross county 1-night rest

We stayed here to visit our son in the local NAS and has easy access.  The welcome was great (Beverly and Jean!).  They let us have our pick of the spots in the park and even offered their golf cart to use instead of walking … thank you! There are two areas to the park really (large gravel parking lot area to allow big rigs to pull through easily … and … smaller back in for more private stays.  We chose the parking lot corner because we would be there only for a couple of nights. The road noise was loud, so next time we would stay in the more private area.  Our spot had plenty of space, easy back in, easy hook up (full), and level. WiFi worked good. Right across the street is the local lake that you can walk around and get good exercise in however it was raining for us so we drove it instead … just beautiful.  If you have a one night or a large right … this is a good place!

Excellent cross county 1-night rest

We pulled in late and stayed one night.  The owner greeted us and the welcome was genuine and warm. While the site had many long term residence. Our site was good with easy full hook ups, drive through, but required side leveling. The small pond was great to walk around and chat by.  Some noise early in the morning when workers left, but other than that … hidden gem for a quick one night stay!


Had a 2 night stay on our cross country trip and it was perfect.  The campsites were well spaced, level, clean, and easy hook ups (no septic though). We took advantage of the trails and did a 7 mile hike on the moderate level.  Low level military jets occasional during the day was the only faint noise, but it's ok … they are always welcomed!  The night was lite by the full moon so we could not see the stars well, but still … beautifully quite. The museum gave a great history of the area and we learned a lot. This was our first time with a Texas park and it was great! Thanks Texas!

Safe stop over

We stayed here one night on our trip across country. The park was clean and safe. The site was an pull through and needing a little leveling, easy hook up.  The attendant came by to welcome us as we came in late.  We will come again, but will ask to be put further out in a back in if needed to give a little more space between campers (we had one neighbor that sang near the campfire for hours … ).

Good 1-night stay

This was our first KOA experience and it was a great spot to stop.  We stayed one night as we were traveling cross county and this was convenient.  They have the new cabins and a very nice layout. There is not much to do close by except for the petrified forest 20+ miles away; so we decided to visit the park the day we left, I would suggest planning a 3 to 4 hour effort to drive through the park since it is a long driving self tour and you can get out and see the sites. We stayed in a full hook up, drive through, level, and the WiFi was good.  Not much road noise. They have the good ol' slide and merry go round that are had to find for kids now a days!

Excellent cross county 1-night rest

Stayed here one night.  The road down from the main highway was a little rocky, but once at the lake, the area was well deserved.  While no trees in the RV area really, it was just fine for night sky enjoyment. The grounds were very clean and wide surfaced RV spots.  Easy back in and hook ups in minutes. We pulled in at dark and left the next morning, but what we did see of the area it was nice. Our late night slips were easily accessed.  We didn't have any service or WiFi though.  Great job AZ on your state park!

Wonderful kick off for retirement!

We couldn't stay at the river's edge, but instead stayed at a full hook up.  The area was under trees and quiet, but could had used a little more landscaping.  The fire pit was in way in front of the spot so it was not too private. The area was not full due to COVID and/or the time of year (stayed in Oct).  We entered from the north from 99 and noted the road was not meant for RV's but still very passable. The sites had good spacing between them.  The trail was short, but good for an hour walk to the pond.  The pond was great and this would be a good short stop over for anyone with or without kids. We didn't visit much so it may be a good destination stop for the lake. The help at the front desk was great and friendly. WiFi worked well.