beautiful campground right on the Blackfoot river

This campground is quiet and beautiful. it’s great for car camping and sits right next the the beautiful Blackfoot river. there are some cliffs you can jump off of and a nice swimming hole. It is also a good put-in for floaters and boaters.

forested campground near beaver tail pond

this cute campground is close to the interstate and right next to beaver tail pond which is great for swimming and fishing. the campground has some cool teepees and is great for group sites. it is usually pretty busy in the summertime and fills with RVs, it’s mostly a car camping campground.

Quiet forested campground near a creek

This campground isn’t usually busy. It is forested and near a beautiful creek. An enormous pine tree sits on the banks of the creek. There is a bathroom. The mosquitoes are thick in the summertime.

Forested campground next to Lee Creek

This campground is often busy but it is large enough to enjoy some silence and solitude. Trails meander town to the nearby creek, and the facilities are well maintained.