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Hagerstown, MD

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Really nice to kayak

Tuckahoe State Park is tucked away onto the Eastern Shore of Maryland, close to the Chesapeake Bay. It features every kind of camping you can imagine. RVs, tents, youth group, etc. while I was only there for one chilly April night, my partner and I were looking forward to kayaking along the lake and creek. I was new to the sport and it was windy so the lake was a bit scary to kayak but the creek was perfect. With all the vegetation growing back, it felt like you were in Florida. There were interpretive signs all along the creek to teach about the birds, amphibians, and even beavers one might see. One of the downsides to the campground was that the bathrooms were small and far away from the campsites. That is, if we went to the right ones. Could have been user error.

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Old park right outside the city

Gambrill State Park is great for those just starting out to camp. It is located in Frederick, about an hour outside of Baltimore and Washington D.C. Though the campground is small, each site looks pretty unique. It offers tent sites, electric sites, and 4 cabins. All of the campsites are pet friendly as is Cabin 18. The restroom facility offer hot showers and multiple stalls. One downside is that there is no dishwashing station. You must bring your own dishwashing tubs.

As it is small and located conveniently off of the highway, it is used by a lot of passerbys. This area is very rich in Civil War history so many people will stay at Gambrill as it is a great middle point between Gettysburg and Antietam Battlefields. Right outside the park is the Frederick watershed where many locals take advantage of the trails for mountain biking. The park itself is well known for hiking trails that take you up and around the mountain. Every hiking trail except for the white trail allows mountain biking and horseback riding. Visit in May and the forest will be filled with songbirds. If you are lucky, you may see foxes and bears along with the standard woodland creatures. If you are extremely lucky, you may see the ever elusive bobcat.

Come for the wild horses, stay for the rest of the wildlife

Many people do not realize there is a wide array of wildlife on Assateague because everyone is so obsessed with the horses. Specifically the birding on Assateague is phenomenal. Oceanside camping is very neat, but it fills up fast. The sites are close to bathrooms (I believe the national side has pit latrines). There are also showers, albeit cold. The sites are a decent size but be advised, they are completely sandy. You WILL get sand everywhere and it is unavoidable. Expect it so it does not put a dent in how wonderful the trip will be. The Oceanside sites are a dune away from the beach. Use the walkways to gain access to the beach as the dunes are protected and you will get fined for taking a shortcut. As many of the reviews advise, there are mosquitos. A lot of them. There are also biting horse flies. However catch the island on a breezy day and the breeze takes care of them. One of the best parts about Assateague is all of the activities you can do. There are bike paths, kayak rentals on the bayside, bay fishing, ocean fishing, crabbing, etc. The worst part about Assateague are all of the tourists who stop in the middle of the road to view the horses, blocking traffic and causing back ups.

As primitive as you can get in Maryland but with a casino

I stayed at Rocky Gap State Park by myself for two nights in August 2016. At no point did I ever feel unsafe. Tucked away in the mountains between Hagerstown and Cumberland, it provides a lake to swim & boat in, hilly & flat hiking trails, an aviary to view rescued birds & reptiles, and a wide variety of educational interpretive programs. One of my favorite parts about this park is that the day use beach & the beach campers have access to are separate. I believe this is a great way to spread out all of the mayhem that comes with summertime swims. The only downside to the park is that the interstate is close by so you can hear the nighttime traffic, which in my experience included many passing semis. Be advised that the casino is not a part of the park but instead a piggy back onto the resources the park has to offer. Of course it is a plus to some, an eye sore for others.