Melissa B.
Kenmore, WA
Joined September 2018
This park is Rad!

Even the breathtaking view from the highway is enough to go to Nehalem Bay State Park. The campground is nice, enough room to not feel packed in. The beach walk is steep and long, but oh so worth it! The beach is amazing…like when you all of a sudden look up and there’s the beach….it’s mind blowingly beautiful. A perfect playground for the day, and a great spot for a fire to watch the sun go down. There are also wonderful dunes to hunker down behind to have a less windy beach day. One day the wind was blowing the sand just high enough to hit unsuspecting toddlers in the face. When your not on the beach, Nehalem Bay has a very nice bike path that goes out past the bay and loops back around past the runway. Yes! A runway with small planes landing either for the day or for a weekend to fly-in-camp style! A beach day at the bay during lower tides is a must! So much sea life to watch. Birds dropping right down and grabbing fish. A seal popping it’s head out and looking at us. And a very awesome view cave dug below tree roots. That hike up is steep…but my toddler did it multiple times. It’s that cool and safe. She would scoot on her butt down then roll down towards the bottom. Nehalem Bay State Park is one extremely rad and fun park, one place that is now a yearly tradition of my family. I’m sure it will be one of your families too.