Next to a beautiful lake and great hiking!

The campground is pretty, lots of trees. The sites were fairly spaced out, neighbors weren't too close. The vault toilets were pretty clean. The host was really nice and really looked after the place. The lake is fantastic! So clear and blue! The scenery is amazing.. Perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming. We also hiked to bridal vail falls, 8 miles round trip from the Stanley Lake trailhead.

Packed but Nice

Staying at the big campgrounds in Yellowstone is always busy and not as ideal as remote campgrounds, Grant Village is no exception. The campground is packed and the sites are pretty close together. The bathrooms are nice though, flushing with water and lit up at night. And this campground offers 1 shower per night per person. The showers aren't bad, fairly clean. Be sure to get to the shower earlier than you might like, it's usually crowded & you might have to wait before you can jump in. The showers are timed too, so you need to rush. The showers at Canyon & Fishing Bridge aren't timed, which is really nice!

Busy Campground

We visited this campground in May, before the campground host was there. It was crowded with some noisy campers not respecting the generator hours. It was kind of annoying to have to listed to a generator all night while trying to be outside! Also, the bathroom was kind of gross & ran out of toilet paper. We were prepared with extra so it didn't really matter. I imagine the atmosphere & upkeep is better when the campground host is there… Other than that, the campground is great. It's off of the road, but not too far, and therefore easy to get too. The site are spread out pretty good. It has a couple of hot springs all around it, which we didn't go into because they were really crowded and didn't seem very nice. But walking/hiking along the river was really beautiful!


We loved camping here. The campground wasn't packed and even if it was, the sites are pretty spread out. The bathrooms were nice, with running water. The canyon is just a short walk from from the campground, so hiking was convenient! Bryce Canyon itself is incredible. It's really beautiful!

Get there early!

Since you cannot reserve at this campground, you have to plan ahead and wake up early! We got to the campground by 7am and secured a site. We loved camping there! The big campgrounds in Yellowstone are a bit crowded which makes them less enjoyable. The sites at Tower Fall are pretty spaced out, which is really nice! It's really quiet & really pretty! It's a great spot to camp when exploring the Northern or Eastern edges of Yellowstone. It's also close to Lamar Valley, which is nice because you can get there at dusk or dawn for some good chances of seeing bears & wolves.

Poor Organization & Communication from Campground Hosts

We tried to stay here in June. They do not take reservations, so it's first come first serve. We arrived just before 9am hoping to get a site. There was a huge crowd of people trying to drive in, it was chaos. Then we finally just parked & walked to up to where you pay & reserve. There was a line of 40 people, waiting until 11am, the check out time, to see how many people were going to leave & if they would be lucky enough to get a site. We didn't want to wait that long so we left. It would be a much better experience if people had to reserve the # of nights they wanted to stay so the hosts always knew how many spots would be open the next day. It's unfortunate they expect people to just wait around all morning to see if they get a spot when they could be enjoying the beautiful park instead!

Great Campground in Teton National Park

I camped here during the first week of June this year. The weather was beautiful, the campground was well kept and the hosts were very nice and helpful! The location was great, very easy to get to. The sites are closer together than we would usually prefer, but not as close as some other campgrounds in National Parks we've been too! Plus there are lots of trees & bushes to split up the sites and make you feel like you're not right next to someone. The best part about this campground is the short trail to Jackson Lake. We watched the sunset both nights and it was magical!