Megan H.

Denver, CO

Joined August 2018

Annoying rangers, WAY too strict

This campsite was pretty enough (in the woods, not much of a mountain view), but it was mostly a negative in our group's eyes. The rangers walked by LITERALLY every 30 minutes to an hour max. They will get on to you about EVERY SINGLE THING - we were a group of 40something adults with a few kids. Very well behaved - playing cornhole and other games, and just sitting around talking. They will reprimand you for having alcohol above 3.2 (seriously, is this Prohibition era??), even if you aren't drunk. They will reprimand you for your voice carrying at 9pm - Um, hi, it's the woods. Even if we are talking in our lowest tone possible, voices carry. They will reprimand you for dog being off leash even if said dog is lying passed out right next to you on the ground.They will reprimand you for basically every single possible thing. It sucked. And the campsites are quite close together, so be prepared for little to no privacy if you're next to strangers. Would not recommend, there are TONS better campgrounds out there.

BEAUTIFUL and private

This campsite was stunning and super private. There are only 8 campsites, so if you reserve several of them, there aren't a lot of other people to worry about. You can basically set your chairs IN the river. We went the 1st weekend in August, and the weather was perfect. The water is cold but super refreshing when it's hot. Lots and lots of shade, very beautiful. Very private too, the ranger only came around to check the tags on the campsite and make sure everyone had paid. Highly recommend!