Megan M.

Columbus, OH

Joined June 2018

I love camping, kayaking and hiking, and anything else I can do outside. I mostly spend my time exploring Ohio, but am trying to see every state.


As a tent camper, I was shocked at how few sites are level. All but a handful of them are on a slope. Some were so small, you'd have to put your tent on the concrete parking strip (also not level) and put your car elsewhere. I for one cannot sleep on a hill.  

I don't know if this is a Covid-era problem, but the bathrooms were absolutely filthy. Every single one of them I visited (three, total) was just disgusting. Shower house is extremely old, dirty, and needs a serious renovation. 

The lake is pretty. You can rent pontoon boats, which is nice. The beach was so covered in goose poo or some other kind of feces, it got on all my belongings and stunk up my car. You need shoes to get in the water- it's extremely muddy to the point that it sucks in your feet.

The shop is not selling ice during Covid- we had to drive 16 minutes to a gas station to buy ice, and no one there was wearing a mask.

Small, cute, a-ok

This is a smaller state park. There is a lake (one of the smallest I've seen in a state park), some trails and a small campground. The spaces are pretty spread out, which is very nice. There is a big equestrian camping area, which is cool. If you kayak, you could spend about two hours exploring the different bends in the lake. 

We stayed in the camper cabins, which are right at the edge of the campground- we could hear the freeway (I-70) the entire time. It even woke us up at night. The cabins have a view of the dumpsters and the dump station- not the prettiest view.

There are pit toilets, which are never great, but the ones nearest us had newish buildings, the first I've seen in Ohio state parks. The buildings themselves were clean, but the toilets were icky and needed to be hosed down. I never went in the shower house so I don't know if it was clean or not.

The worst part about our experience was that there was a group of cows somewhere nearby that were moaning in distress all of Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday morning. I enjoy agricultural sounds- the sound of a cow mooing every once in a while would make me happy. But these cows were bleating and moaning as if they were in danger. When it continued after sundown, I started worrying about them, so I googled it. It turns out that in the mid fall (when we were there), calves get taken away from their mothers, and the mothers will cry out in distress for days at a time. I wish I hadn't googled it. The sound was SO LOUD and so distressing. It drowned out any sound of owls or coyotes or anything else all night long- these cows were deafening.

So, I won't be back. Not much to do there once you've seen it, unless you camp with your horses- then I think it would be good.

Pretty lake. Campground like a parking lot

Wow! Beautiful place, huge lake, very peaceful out by the water.

Campground was not the best- sites were VERY close together, with most of the campground completely exposed with no shade. It was like trying to relax on a huge parking lot jammed with RVs and people. At most of the sites, you'd literally have a family up against you 20 feet to the left and a family 20 feet to the right. This might be fun for kids, but not fun if you are looking for some peace and quiet.

The bathrooms were average for Ohio State parks- icky and grungy, but not gag-worthy. I'm used to the ickiness of state park bathrooms, so I wasn't grossed out. The showers and toilets nearest my site had big puddles of standing water full of dirt, bandaids, plastic wrappers and other gross items floating there the duration of the weekend. One sink was full of dirt the entire weekend. Showers were hot though, which is always a plus.

Great place for kayaking. There was a little free library, which is a great idea. The snack bar was hopping the whole time. They need to make more than one pot of coffee at a time in the mornings (1 pot when they have 249 sites? They are missing out on $$!!), but I only buy coffee on the morning I'm packing up.

Overall, I enjoyed it here, but I'd only go if there are LOTS of free sites and you know you aren't jammed up against 2-3 other groups of people.

Whoowee crowded and dense!

I've never seen such a dense campground. Granted, I was there Labor Day weekend, but this campground was huge, with very few trees and small lots very close together. It was chaos with people everywhere! 

The shower house was just ok. Not clean, but not extremely dirty. Like most Ohio State campground shower houses are, mildly to very dirty. 

I won't be staying here again because there was no privacy. I go camping to experience nature, not to be 12 feet away from five other families and hear their chaos all day long.

Like a giant parking lot

I didn't stay here but I drove through the campground and kayaked on the lake. The campground feels like a huge field- very few trees, a huge exposed area, and lots are extremely close together. The lakeside camping area looked like an RV parking lot.  I was there Labor Day weekend and it was absolute chaos, with people everywhere and kids just covering the street. Not my cup of tea!

The showerhouse is old and not that clean. The shower seemed to spray the entire wall in front of it- water was everywhere.

The lake was huge and open. Not great for kayaking but nice if you have a pontoon or fishing boat. 

I won't be staying here, not my style.

Dirty pit toilets. Dirty sinks. Beautiful lake.

This state park has a beautiful lake and a nice beach. There are boat rentals and a frisbee golf course. Overall, this part of the park is beautiful. 

The campgrounds, however, leave a lot to be desired. The people were really nice, but the facilities were terrible. The pit toilets were filthy- covered in flies, spiderwebs and dirt. They look like they have not been hosed out since the 70's. The showers and sinks are in an old, old building- it could be fine if it were cleaned daily, but it was filthy too. I was there 3 days and the showers and sinks were never cleaned. They were pretty gross from the start, but then by Saturday night one shower housed a pile of feces. No kidding. Poop in the shower. 

We stayed in the camper cabin, which is just a very basic shed with a bed, bunk beds, air conditioning and heat. We stayed there because it was July and I wanted A/C and electricity. The cabin smelled like mold. 

I'd go back to this lake but will not stay in the campgrounds again.

Big sites, big field

This campground has decent, wide sites, but there are very few trees or privacy. Sites are side by side, one after the other so you have no privacy and sound carries all the way up the loop. All the sites say "partial shade" on the reservation page, but beware, this shade only happens as the sun is going down.

Bathrooms were fine, relatively clean. There is a little store, but note that the firewood is in huge, unburnable pieces, (as most Ohio state park firewood is), so you'll need tons of kindling and several firestarters, or an ax and some way to hack at the logs.

The lake is huge and very pretty; there is a pioneer village that is interesting to walk around, and 3 or 4 canoe liveries nearby. All in all, it's a decent campground, just not too quiet or isolated if you are trying to get away from people.

On the river AND the freeway

Right on the river, which is interesting, but it's also right alongside State Route 33, so you hear freeway traffic constantly. Trucks and motorcycles woke me up all night, AND there is a train track right across the river (about 200 yards away), so be prepared for trains coming through any time of the night or day.

It has flush toilets, which worked fine Friday and Saturday, but all of the women's toilets were clogged by Sunday morning, and the shower house needs to be hosed down- covered in dead bugs. Showers have this weird slimy grate on the floor- bring flip flops. The shower house is up on top of this steep hill, so you'll need a flashlight to get there in the dark.

The sites are very close together- one family moved in late at night practically on top of me- their tent was literally 4 feet from my picnic table. I could hear every word they said (or yelled) all night long. I moved down one site for a little peace and quiet, but be prepared- when crowded, you will be right on top of groups less than 12 feet to the right and left of you.

It's nice that the sites are right on the Hocking river, and there is constant traffic of canoes and kayaks going past. I thought this was fun. There is no way to put your own boat in here, though. The campground is on a very steep, muddy embankment and even putting in a lightweight kayak is very difficult (I tried and succeeded, but hurt my knee and fell into the water because of the mud- I wouldn't try this again).

All in all, I had a decent weekend, but I wouldn't stay here again because of the freeway noise and the way the sites are so close together.

Beautiful cliff-side sites

This campground has beautiful, cliff-side sites right on the water, which is probably not good for small children. The interior sites are just ok, but most are level with a bit of shade.

There is a rocky beach, boat rentals, and lots to do all over the island. There are shuttles from the campground into the main part of town.

What you need to be aware of here is the party atmosphere. Many young people camp here so that they can party in Put-In-Bay all day and night. Last time I was here, a group of 20-somethings came home at 2am and blared their music til 5. They quieted down a bit but started right back up at 7am. Not fun at all. This made me reluctant to return to this campground in the summer, as beautiful as it is. I'd try it in mid-September or October, but never summer again.

Nice, roomy, with trees

This is a nice campground for Ohio because there are a lot of trees, making many sites secluded with privacy. I haven't camped here, I've just driven around because I boat on the creek, so I can't attest to the condition of the bathrooms.

Beware that sites close to the water may flood, or may be pretty damp in the spring.

The beaches are nice, the reservoir is nice for boating, but the horsepower allowed is too much if you want to kayak on the main water, in my opinion. There are nice inlets and coves where you can take smaller boats. Hopefully big boats observe the no wake zone, but they don't always. I don't think there is any hiking, the main attraction is the water and the beach.

Beautiful river, trails, running water in the toilets, yay!

I love Mohican State Park. There is so much to do- canoeing, kayaking, tubing, creeking, and great trails also.

This campground is nice but is crowded in the warmer months. Look for a site along the water, that's where the tree cover is. I stayed in a camper cabin which was very nice, with microwave and refrigerator.

There is running water in the toilets, which is nice for a state park in Ohio. The showers were decent, nothing to complain about there.

The primitive tent camping sites looked nice and peaceful- take care to get a shaded spot, though, as some were just exposed in a grassy field. There is a long bumpy walk from the parking area to the primitive sites, so bring a wagon or sled or something.

Just ok, crazy crowded

I love Hocking Hills State Park's trails and scenery. Just love it. However, the crowds are maddening. This extends to the campground. It is crowded from April through October- I've been there several different times of year, and it is always a madhouse.

The campsites are very close together, many without trees or anything for privacy. You are smushed up with people on both sides- usually big families with very active kids. Expect throngs of kids on bikes, dozens of kids bouncing balls around you, parents yelling, dogs barking, all of it. Not relaxing, in my opinion.

I'm surprised about the sad state of the bathrooms here, considering this is probably one of the most popular parks in the state. Pit toilets, not toilets with running water. Shower houses are fine but could use a remodel. They get pretty filthy on weekends- think giant hairballs, puddles, sinks you don't want to touch.

If you want to explore the region, there are other state parks where you can camp and then drive into Hocking Hills.

Beautiful lake, no running water, feral cats

This park has a beautiful lake and nice (although short) hiking trails. The problem is that there is no running water- no showers and smelly pit toilets. There is one spigot for drinking water.

Beware that the campsites are mostly in one big grassy field with no shade. I'd pick a site along the perimeter or along the lake.

This park is overrun with feral cats (or it was when I was there). Some people might think that is cute. I consider feral cats to be wild animals that carry disease. What's really bad about them is that they've been fed so they are comfortable around people. We spent the whole weekend trying to fend them off- every time our backs were turned, they jumped up on our picnic table. They ate our food, which we had to throw away. When we sat by the fire, they rubbed up against our legs, which is disgusting, considering they carry Bartonella, which is transmitted through their fleas and ticks (Bartonella is a co-infection of Lyme, or you can get it on its own. I know- I've had it since middle school. Feral cats probably carry Lyme too, as they are mammals). I can't express how stressful it was, trying to keep these wild cats away from us the entire weekend. I don't know why the park can't get them under control.

Sure, cat people will be offended by my statement, but would you want raccoons or skunks up on your table, eating out of your pots and pans? Would you want raccoons rubbing up against you while you are trying to relax? These cats are also wild animals, yet way too tame for comfort. Ugh,I shudder remembering it.

Nice, wooded and new bathrooms

Great little park, nice trails, beautiful little lake with an island, boat dock and beach. Camp sites are nice and secluded, nice new bathrooms. I'd go here often if I weren't so far away.

Tiny lots, terrible toilet smell

I can see how this state park appeals to families- there is putt putt, a cute general store, an outdoor movie screen, a small beach and paddle boats. But if you don't have kids, I'd find a better place to camp. 

The campground sites are tiny and all squished together. I had a literal 9-foot rectangle of grass, right up against RVs on both sides. It didn't help that the families, who were mere feet away from me the whole time, spent the weekend screaming at their kids and dogs (four dogs with one family. Four. Why aren't there rules about that?) and later beating their dogs. Yep. I got to see dog beating all weekend long. That's the kind of clientele this park seems to attract. 

The trails didn't seem that great- barely marked, going through a dense forest, with not much to see besides the trees themselves. The "lake" is really a pond, or an extremely small lake. The swimming was decent but the bottom is quite slimy- bring water shoes if you want to swim. 

Also, my campsite was literally 10 yards away from a disgusting pit toilet that reeked the entire time. Why do they put campsites right up against sewer pits? I had to breathe in feces fumes all weekend long, and I doubt that is healthy. 

The shower was hot, I'll give them that. I will not return to this park. I called the reservation agency to tell them about my experience but they did not get back to me.

Nice, hilly

I love this state park because of the lake, beach, boat rentals, old growth forest and nearby Hocking Hills. However, most of the campsites are on a slope. Like, a steep slope. I'd recommend visiting the campground before you book to get a level site. Some areas are more level than others. Bathrooms are a bit old, but it's better than not having any showerhouses at all, am I right?