Matthew K.

Roswell, NM

Joined June 2019

I am a survivalist practicing 20yrs now


They ve really improved this place. They ve got a floating play island and 🛶. Good times for the whole family

Nice place very beautiful

This is a great place drove up for a day. Nice open area to camp. Clean area and freash air it was great.

Nice and cozy

Great area to hiking. Lot s of different flora around. Phone was home on this trip. But it was a relaxing time while there

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Very clean beautiful

This place was awesome monjeau peak is about 1/2 from this camp ground. Beautiful view. Trail head right buy camp.

Clean dessert

We just picked a random spot next to the lake to camp and fish was a great time. Watch for snakes

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Nice lake good fishing and close to town

Awesome dessert site

Great views lots of trails and perfect for motorcycles or atv s

Clan and nice and quit

Watch for snakes

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Clean well maintained

Great fishing and camping right in town

Not a camp ground

Really cool place they supply alot of stock fish for NM

Rv oark

Not great but not bad kinda set aside from the city

Clean nice area

Nice place quit area

Storage parkinh

Sfe place to store rv s or cars

Clean in city

Rv park basically nice area buy the zoo

Clean and cool

Hot! Great place to ride atv s lots of sand and trails. Bring plenty of water

Dessert with a view

Watch for snakes

Very clean. Nice dessert atmosphere. Lots of water and places to adventure.

Summer is hot out here bring sunscreen. Watch for snakes as well but overall safe.