Matthew D.

The Dyrt Pro

Jacksonville, FL

Joined March 2021

Two night stay

The campground host was very active in ensuring the campground bathrooms were clean and tidy. They also went around in a cart with firewood if you needed it. Our campsite was close to a small hiking trail that led to a creek. We saw a few animals across the river which was nice.

Nice cozy cabin

Stayed in the cabin for two nights. Located right near the west side Yellowstone entrance. Plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby. There is also a park for kids.

Beautiful Campground Area

Booked a one night stay at the campground in our rooftop tent. It was about .5 miles to the spring but close to restrooms and facilities. Mosquitos were pretty bad in March. We came home with a few in the bed. But what’s expected in Florida haha.

Beautiful cabins

Awesome cabins after a long trip from Florida and camping out of the rooftop tent. Management is very accommodating. In close proximity to Tetons and other local restaurants. Kind of pricey but I think it’s worth it so far.

Very accommodating

So our first day the hot water went out during a 5 minute shower. We were reimbursed the first night and moved to another cabin. Other than that these things are a dream. Very close to restaurants and local areas. Maybe a 20 minute drive to Tetons.


Awesome views. Dispersed camping on the lake. Drive down a gravel road and then hit a awesome lake view. It was during Memorial Day weekend and still found a spot.

Dispersed Camping ontop of the world

Awesome views at the very top. We used 4x4 most of the way up around corners and rocky areas. Be careful on the last 20 meters or so, I didn’t think my truck had enough clearance so we settled down just before the awesome view. Still had a good view of soMe rocks behind us.


Awesome awesome awesome views. I got my Tacoma through the trees without a scratch. There was only one other vehicle there when I was there. Very very cold at night during May so dress warm. There are no bathrooms. Primitive camping only in this part.

B Sites

So we actually stumbled upon this by accident. We didn’t know it was $20 a night and a guy actually helped us out thank goodness. Breath taking views in the bottom of a canyon. Best sleep we have had in a while too. High recommend.

Great cabins

Very cozy cabin after a long drive and stay in our rooftop tent. Perfect place to freshen up and do laundry. Ben is also very timely with his responses and was very personable.


Awesome view. Very cold at night. It was nice being next to the creek. A little busy but we were able to find a cozy private spot in my rooftop tent.

One night stay

Great open campsite. Management also worked with us to get a bigger spot so we could pull our vehicle in. We did have some trouble with the vehicle pass. Purchased through the website but there wasn’t really a way to prove it beside the email receipt and they wanted us to purchase another. We worked it out and ended up not having to do it. Nice beach area for kids. Bathroom facilities adequate and they have showers.

Two night camping stay

I was surprised when I showed up. I didn’t realize there was not a private pad to park a vehicle. If you plan on using a rooftop tent be prepared to park in the road. Facilities were nice and well maintained. Buy firewood beforehand. They do not sell it at the campsite. Hiking trails were awesome. Plenty for everyone including our almost 2 year old. Weather was nice, chilly at night.