Busy Busy

Greenwood can get VERY crowded in the summer time, but for good reason. The swimming is excellent, lots of space for everyone, and they have lifeguards on duty just in case. There are grills and picnic tables, but you have to get there pretty early to claim them. As for the campground itself, there are 50 or so camping spots that are pretty close together. But there are fire rings, which is nice for a county park, and one unique thing we saw was a horseshoe pit. No horseshoes this time, though, too hot and muggy. Typical New York weather. Overall, the park is more than I expected for a county park.

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Great part with tons of beach

There is TONS of beach to explore at this little State Park in New York. I used to visit here as a kid years ago because my grandparents owned a cottage on the lake. Since they sold it, visiting Southwick is the next best thing. Lake Ontario is an amazing lake to be on and the water is pretty warm in the summer time. the waves don't get too big, so it is very safe for kids. Southwick itself has great camping spots right next to the beach. It is a little pricey if you only want to visit for the day, $8, but you can get a tent spot for $18 which is comparable to other state parks. Showers are available, and there are some short trails that are good for running or probably cross country skiing in the winter. There is also a sizable playground near the beach that is great for the kids.

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Plenty of space

There is plenty of space here at Chenango Valley State Park. The only downfall is that there really isn't much else to do around the area. Now, that's not at fault of the state park, but it's worth noting for those who want to venture out and come back to the campsite in the evening. There is plenty of space to swim, and the walking trails are well maintained. you can also fish in the lake for trout and bass. There are also hot showers to get clean.

Awesome Park

You can swim in the waterfall area here. Need I say more? Actually, it can be VERY busy in the summer time in the swimming area, making it difficult to find your own "space." However, the hiking trails are awesome. Don't let the beginning steps fool you, the rim trail can be very strenuous.

Lovely Area

Definitely one of the top places to camp and visit in New York, Watkins Glen State Park never disappoints. Each time I come back, I find something new to discover and have a great time doing that. Pair awesome trails and camping space with world class wineries up the lake, you cannot go wrong.

Nice State Park

Buttermilk Falls State Park is a great state park in central New York. The scenery is what makes this park stand out. Unlike neighboring Taughannock Falls State Park, there isn't a large waterfall at the end of any trail. However, it is the mix of constant small waterfalls that really show in this park. There are plenty of overlooks, you can go in the streams, and the camp sites are great. They are spacious and inviting, and the neighbors are close, but not TOO close. Excellent for a weekend getaway or longer because there is so much to see.

Ranger Review: Cotopaxi 35L Travel Duffel at Lake Greenwood State Park

Lake Greenwood State Park is a smaller state park in South Carolina. The lake is sizable, you can easily take your boat or jet skis, but at the same time the lake is suitable for canoes and kayaks as well. This weekend, we opted for the tubes as our means to relax on the lake, and we achieved that. The only issue we found was the size of the campground itself. The campsites are nearly on top of one another, but there are some beautiful spots right on the lake. Since they are so close, you can hear the neighbors at all hours, and there is hardly any privacy. One other issue was the sites themselves. Now, if you have an RV, it's no problem. But if you are into tent camping, like I am, you will have to pitch the tent on gravel or pavement. Not the easiest pitch. With that, though, it was still enjoyable and relaxing.

Gear Review – As a Dyrt Ranger, I also get to review and test products in the field. This weekend was the perfect weekend to test the Cotopaxi 35L Travel Duffel. Right out of the mail, I knew that it would be one bag that lasts for a super long time. It is extremely well made, and very versatile. The only thing I was concerned about when I opened it for the first time was the size. I didn't quite believe I could fit everything for the weekend inside. This was not the case this weekend, though. I even had enough room for the frisbee with all of my clothes, toiletries, and extra pair of shoes. Overall, it is an excellent weeken bag, in it for the long haul. Check it out here: https://www.cotopaxi.com/collections/chumpi/products/chumpi-35l-travel-duffel

Taughannock has Everything!

Taughannock Falls State Park is one of my favorite parks in New York. The camp grounds are excellent, there are TONS of trails nearby, the swimming area of the lake is close, and the water is very clean. The crown jewel of the place is Taughannock Falls, which is a short flat hike to one of the tallest single drop waterfalls on the east coast. It really is quite the sight. There are cool playgrounds for the kids, grills, restrooms, showers, and plenty of activities to do, such as stand up paddle boarding. Taughannock has it going on, and I will be back!

Quiet...minus the bugs

First, in the parks defense, it was probably not the best idea to stay here during the summer time. July? Hottest month of the year? South Carolina? The bugs were massive. I probably could have been carried away by some of the horseflies I saw. However, I will not give a place just two stars for something out of the parks control. The mountain bike paths are really cool, and if you have a mountain bike, I suggest you bring it because there really is not much else this park has to offer. You can swim in a 10' by 30' area of a pond that is questionable. You can fish in that same pond. That's about it. The "overlook" is okay, but really you are staring at a sliver of flat land. I will also say that it is very clean and there are probably always camping spots available.

Good Little State Park

There are quite a variety of things to do at this state park, and the camp sites are spacious. There is a little store where you can buy any of the little things you may have forgotten. There were not too many people camping during our visit, but it could be that not many people want to stand the South Carolina heat! Either way, it made the visit quiet. There are also plenty of geocaches around, if you're into that. There are 2 places to shower in the campground, so I imagine that once it fills up, you may have to wait to shower. It was pretty clean and the water was clear, so I guess you could just go for a swim! I wish we had brought our tubes and some rope to float out on the water!

Nice park, great experience

This is a beautiful area of Greenville to visit and camp for the night. The trails within the park can be very hilly, so if you decide to take a hike, be sure to check the elevations. Dogs are allowed in most outdoor places, but not in cabins. There are plenty of tent sites, though, along with lots of RV sites. There are bathrooms available with showers, which is just what you need after one of those long hikes. Be sure to check out the dam as well!

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Great Campground

This is a great campground to spend a week in the summer. There is a lot to do, not only in the park, but also in nearby Alex Bay. Facilities on site, friendly neighbors, and lots of swimming areas. Pirates Weekend is very busy at the beginning of August, but well worth it.

One of a Kind

This is a one of a kind place. Every time I come here, it is a different experience, from the people I meet to the trails and views. Table Rock is definitely one of the hottest attractions in SC. The only downside is that because it is so great, it does get populated pretty quickly. My advice would be to head out on a hike as early as you can, then spend the rest of the day relaxing at the top and taking your time down the Pinnacle Trail.

Excellent place to be

This is an excellent place to be, especially if you are looking to get out of the city for a while. The hikes are pretty strenuous, but thew views are well worth it. The people are friendly, and maps are easy to come by. The trails are easy to follow, but be sure to bring plenty of water.

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Great Little Gem

This is a very quiet place, it seemed like many folks here are retired, taking their RVs and staying for a little while at a time. The river is very close, some campsites are right on the river. There are facilities, and the park has a playground and many soccer fields.

Great Spot!

We stopped here taking the "scenic route" back to SC from NY. Although it rained for a good portion of the time we were there, the water and beach were a short walk from our site. It is very clean and the sites are open, which can be good or bad depending on the neighbors. Definitely seemed like a good family campground, though.

Excellent Place

This is definitely a gem in SC. The campground is quiet and the views are excellent. At first, the park can be kind of confusing to navigate, but a simple map takes care of that.

Very Loud Campground

I really should have known going in that it wasn't going to be as relaxing as I needed it to be. Myrtle Beach is notorious for the party scene, and the state park is no exception. Although the rule states that no alcohol may be brought into the park, many people were clearly intoxicated and very loud throughout the night. Camp sites were pretty close together. I didn't get to sleep until about 4am when it finally got quiet and could hear the waves crashing in the background. Thank goodness for that!