Marvin F.
Flushing, MI
Joined November 2018
Retired and still with my bride from 1968. We have an older motorhome and are fairly new to rv camping.

If your happy with paying big money just to be near the beach then this place will be ok for you. 

The problem I have with them is they have campground rules on literature and signs everywhere but they are not inforced. My wife was hurt when a dog off his leash jumped on her. Seen many dogs off leash and one person let his large dog do a dump right down near the water and walked away. There are signs saying to stay off the sea wall but everybody was climbing  on it trampling down the vegetation that was planted there to keep the sand in place. I think once they get their money that’s all they must care about. The staff I met was nice so all I can do is blame it on the management.