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Austin, TX

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Full time on the road with a family of 4. Director of Operations for The Warriors Keep. Lead expeditions for veterans around the world. IG: @supertramp_sandersons

Tom is the Bomb!

Stay here, you won’t regret it. The owner is the best. He’s out helping folks all day long and never leaves anyone in need.

Great people all around!

Average National Forest Campground

Lost Cabin Campground is your run of the mill National Forest campground. There are 19 spots and it looked like they could accommodate some pretty large rigs.

There are two vault toilets as well as a water pump. All campgrounds have a fire ring, table and grill. The whole campground is shaded. There isn’t any recreational access from the campground however. You’ll have to drive to find trails or lakes.

Wish more towns did this.

Lander City Park is perfect for those in the area looking for an area to spend the night. There’s plenty of room for RV’s as well as multiple tent sites. Many of the sites have a table and grill included. You can stay here for free for up to 3 nights.

Lander City Park is right on the river, and within walking distance from the downtown area. There also seem to be plenty of bike trails. There is also a really neat, huge playground with our kiddos really enjoyed.

There is a bathroom as well as a shower house.

Will be boondocking here again when we are in the area.

4⭐️ For Rawlins

Decent little RV park to stop over at. Nothing special about this one but the campground does overlook some small mountains and it’s set back always from the highway. You’ll still hear plenty of traffic and trains but it’s not as close to the road as the KOA here is.

The staff here was very friendly and they also have a courtesy vehicle you can use to run around town if you need.

Decent playground for the kiddos. Clean shower and restroom facilities. If I’m passing through and need a place to stay we will definitely return.

Great place to tent camp.

Tejas Park is perfect for those in the area looking for tent camping without wanting to be surrounded by RV’s.

Tejas is right on the river, ample opportunities to wet a line if you like. The Goodwater Loop runs right by the campground. The Goodwater Loop is a 26 mile trail that will take you completely around the lake.

The spots are spaced out and each has a large tent pad capable of firing multiple tents. Each spot has a table and fire pit. There is a Vault toilet as well as a water spigot.

The campground is sparsely populated during the week and cans be found completely empty regularly. Expect the campground to be filled up during the weekends though.

Excellent spot for climbing.

Elbert Creek Campground is a perfect spot for those looking to climb Mt. Elbert. It is situated directly across from the trailhead. The trailhead for Mt. Massive is just up the road. There is also a beautiful lake, Emerald Lake, just a short half mile hike from the campground.

The spots are spaced out and each has plenty of room for multiple tents. Each spot has a table and fire pit. There are a handful of spots that can handle smaller RV’s. We tucked out 25ft Lance 2185 away just fine into spot #9 and still had room for multiple tents. There is a Vault toilet as well as a water pump. Sites are $20 a night or $10 with a National Park Access Pass.

The campground was sparsely populated mon-we’d but started filling up rapidly by Thursday and was packed all weekend. If the campground is full there is a plethora of dispersed spots along the road so I wouldn’t worry about finding a place.

Be prepared for cold and wet weather even in summer months. I’ve been snowed on here in June and our last day during our July trip it was cold and rainy

Had a successful summit push with a team from The Warriors Keep. Will definitely continue to use this campground when we’re in the area.

Not bad for Trinidad 🤷🏻‍♂️

Not much to this RV park, large parking lot behind the Tower 64 motel serves as an RV campground.

Full hookups but be aware that the sites are stacked right on top of each other. We could barely fit our 24 ft rig in our spot. However it’s convenient to get to off the highway. Other options in the area are pretty much the same. Wouldn’t want to stay here more than one evening.

If you’re looking for something more remote checkout Trinidad Lake State Park. A little further of a drive but if you plan on staying longer than 1 night it’s prob the best option in this area.

Neat park with unique history.

This park is located between Thorndale and Rockdale. There isn’t much to do in the area and we only stay here when visiting family in the area.

The park is pretty nice with full hookup sites down on the bank of the San Gabriel river. The river isn’t much but it’s a place to escape the Texas heat. There are also more developed spots out by the road. By the more developed area there is also a restaurant and bar.

The campground sits on the site of one of the old Spanish missions from the days when Spain was colonizing Texas. There’s a neat story about the garrison commander killing one of the Priests in a feud over an affair. There are historical markers that speak to the history in the area.

If you’re in the area and you’re looking for a spot to stay at then you really can’t go wrong here.

Great! If you have the right spot...

This park is pretty large and your experience here will vary depending on where you setup camp.

We opted for spot 58 which is on a small bluff overlooking the lake. We had a trail from our spot to the lake which we took advantage of. If you setup on the interior of the campgrounds there won’t be a lot to do. There’s no marked public lake access, no swim each so you just gotta kinda find a spot to get to the water. Great hiking trails. The Good Water Loop goes all the way around the lake and passed through the park.

Good Enough

Decent little park close to Georgetown, TX. Georgetown is full of fun activities and great food. Georgetown is home to “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” and also is an official Purple Heart City. There’s reserved parking all over town for Purple Heart Recipients.

The park is pretty minimum. No playgrounds and rocky shores that aren’t easily accessible. Expect the weekends to be super crowded, especially in the day use area (where the easiest accessible swimming spots are). During the week we had the park to ourselves. Friendly hosts.

*Grab a spot on the outer of the loop if possible.

*Watch out for RATTLESNAKES. We saw 2.