Awesome Large Campsites

Tons of spacious campsites and lots of car campers. Turn right instead of left at the fork in the road. You’re supposed to check in with the office, and they will give you the code to the bathroom, but if it’s late then you can probably snag an empty site without any issues. Each site has a table and, generally, T-Mobile has good cellphone reception. Overall, solid site!

Quick and Easy Primitive Camping

Car camped without any issues but it’s worth mentioning that I didn’t have T-Mobile cellphone reception and the bathroom was a bit dirty. Also there was a shallow creek crossing right before the camping areas that I was worried about when I arrived at night, but I realized in the morning that it was not a big deal even for 2WD vehicles. It’s also very secluded so chances are you may only run into one or two other campers. Overall, solid spot!

Great Primitive Camping

Nice view. T-Mobile Cellphone reception. Bathroom, tables, and flat dirt spots. I car camped without any problems. I did see a few trucks drive in and out for sunset, but otherwise I had the place to myself. Can’t ask for much more for a free campsite!

Possibly No Longer a Drive-In Site

I tried to car camp at the site but there was a decently tall dirt mound where the map told me to turn before getting on the final road leading to the campground. Long story short, it looks like there is a dirt road behind the tall mound blocking the path, so the park may have created this wall in order to deter car camping. There’s also a sign that says no off roading. I car camped on a dirt patch on the side of the road. Didn’t run into any trouble but there were a decent amount of cars that kept passing me on the road in the middle of the night. I would not recommend this site.

First to Review
10/10 Primitive Camping

Gorgeous view of the lake with nearby restroom. Drive a bit further than the pinned location towards the lake on the right. I saw a few other tenters, car campers, and RVs. Great cell phone reception and awesome lakeside table. Doesn’t get much better than this!

Site Had Trespassing Signs

The pinned location had a locked gate and trespassing signs. Tried to drive down a bit further but encountered a lot more trespassing signs. Perhaps it would have been OK in some areas, but I didn’t see too many camper setups and I didn’t want to risk it for the biscuit. I’d recommend going to another area.

First-Rate Primitive Camping with a Caveat

Car camped at this amazing spot. GPS directions are a little off but you’ll be fine if you follow the sign for primitive camping (i.e. turn about a quarter mile earlier than the pinned location address). Great roof structure and tables.

My only caveat is there is a small sign that might have said that you’re supposed to have a permit (possibly for hunting) to use the spots or else you might face a fine. That being said, I had no problems and saw some other RV setups so it might not be enforced.

Overall, it’s a good spot on the way to Big Bend National Park but still about an hour from the park entrance, so perhaps not the best bet for visiting the park. Personally, I’d rather just pay the $10 national park fee for primitive camping.

Gets the Job Done

Easy site to access from the road for my 2WD car. It’s just an empty dirt lot so it’s best for car camping. It’s a nice halfway point between Guadalupe Mtns and Carlsbad Caverns. Not too much to see in terms of views but still a nice spot. Great T-Mobile reception.

Great Spot Near White Sands

You can car camp in the lot or hike out and tent camp. Beautiful view and generally quiet, albeit windy. Very easy to access from the road with my 2WD car.

Gem Near East Saguaro NP

It’s just past the Tanque Verde Falls trailhead parking lot. Beautiful views and lots of RVs around. Off-road route can be bumpy but worth it. Car camping OK.