Maritta M H.


Spokane, WA

Joined September 2020

Closed permanently 10/12


No - just no

We were desperate and ending a long drive through the night. Booked online. Showed up and night guard was nice and went out of his way to make it work for us. Whoever he talked to on the walk-in-talkie was less than awesome and kept barking like we had broken some unwritten KOA rule for wanting a space … when spaces were clearly available. This KOA is a glorified parking lot in desperate need of some cleaning and updates. Pat was sharp-tongued and rude to another customer and basically called him and liar in front of me. It took 3 trips to the dump station to get it accessed (it was locked which they didn’t prep you for, then they gave us the wrong key, then Annie rolled her eyes and said she didn’t know they changed it when I said it was the wrong key. I had to go to the office 4 times to get someone to to fill the propane tank and are still waiting as I type. Got propane, climbed into my seat, was buckling you and got simultaneously honked at by and RV and told by an aged white man in a yellow KOA shirt that “They’re comin’ in for propane” with a move it gesture.

Also, there’s zero masks or hand sanitizer or any COVID awareness anywhere other than the paper sign on the door that “due to health concerns we are no longer selling individual showers”.

Just don’t to this KOA.