Marissa W.

Colorado Springs, CO

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Quiet, secluded, clean, and nice

My friendn ahad a great time camping here. The site was clean and well maintained. We got there the day the Stage 2 fire ban was lifted. We didn't plan on a fire and didn't bother, but other sites lit them. The bear boxes at each site were nice and clean. I was a fan. No need to worry about bears. There had been sightings a day prior, so better safe than a call to the insurance company. However I did have an close encounter with a coyote. Came through camp and was about 5 or so feet from me. I had my back to it and luckily heard something behind me. a few claps and it went away. Still rather creepy.

The morning was cool and quiet. The tent only area was nice and not very busy. The bath rooms were not crowded and very clean. We broke down camp and were off after breakfast and talking to the friendly camp manager about our coyote encounter.

We then tried to go for a hike up to Emerald Lake, but no parking, even at the shuttle spot, to be had. Instead spent the day driving up Old Fall River road.

Overall I would recommend this spot for any tent campers.

Great Site for Tents

It was a really nice well maintained site on a nice not too washboard backroad.  If I could I would give 4.5 stars since the sites were really close together.  We had no issues with our neighbors.  Everyone was quiet and kept to themselves, but I can see if you had noisier neighbors or wanted more privacy it could be an issue.  No potable water so be sure to bring your own.  Vault Toilet was clean and well stocked.  At night the site was amazingly dark.  This was my first real time seeing the Milky Way.  It was so amazing I am glad my friend was there so I have backup to my story.  During the Perseids, so shooting stars were out.  By far the largest and brightest either of us had ever seen.  Again great spot.

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Great Spot for a Group or only 2

This particular spot was the only one within 50 miles of Cody WY in July, so my friend and I booked it.  It was a wonderful spot to camp.  The site has a ton of tables and a good size fire pit.  I liked the brook being so close and the shade we got from the pine forest.  I think it would be pretty tight for 150 people, but there is parking areas and spots for RVs so it might work.  The camp host was very nice and helpful.  Apparently we would have been able to walk in and ask to camp since it was just the two of us and we were in a tent and avoided the $50 fee.  Overall we were very happy about the site and the proximity to the parks, hiking, the towns (Victor and Driggs), and Cody.

Very Nice Spot with Lots of Shade

This was a great weekend trip to Dinosaur. I had reserved a camping spot near the river with plenty of shade. It was an excellent choice (learned my lesson on shade in Sand Dunes). The spot was clean, but a little close to the road. There was not a ton of traffic, but privacy left something to be desired. The shade was a welcome relief from the hot sun in this area of the country. I was less than impressed with the dishwashing facilities (or lack there of). The bathrooms were also less than optimal. They got dirty fast and were filled with flies. Overall it was a nice level site with everything that you needed. The ranger presentation was also very nice.
Sleeping there was great. Perfect temperature with very little humidity. The river brings in cool breezes at night so it was wonderful. The park overall is not my favorite, but it was still a lot of fun. I would recommend it for kids for the Dinosaur angle alone. Also since the day hiking is minimal it gives you plenty of time to just hang around and go for a scavenger hunt or play a game.

Good Campground With Spectacular Views

This campground was a pleasant surprise. Nice sites with some amazing views. My friend and I got to the campground very late the first night and found my reserved spot had been taken by someone else. Luckily enough I found a different one not that far away. It was well after midnight by the time we got setup. Then the group next to us (all of whom were very drunk) were being very loud and acting like idiots. So my friend went over to their area and told time to please keep it down it is after quiet hours. They eventually quieted down. The next morning we woke up to the most spectacular view I have ever seen. The sand dunes and all there glory were lit up by the morning sun. It was fantastic! The camp manager stopped by later and we told him what had happened. He proceeded to tell us that we could have come and gotten him and he would have happily kicked the noisy people out and moved the people in our spot. We told him it was fine and went to find another site in the non reservation area. We found a very nice (but very sunny) spot. And spent the rest of the day wandering around the park and playing in the creek. Overall it was a good time and I would highly recommend the sites, just be warned that it does get louder than most other areas I have been to. A lot of people use it for quick excursions or overnights so lot of turnaround.

I would advise bringing some shade (umbrella or other) and lots of cool things to drink. Also definitely rent a sled from the nearby shop. We didn't and wish we had. It looked really really fun. Overall it was a very nice park and worth the frustration the first night. Lesson learned on finding (and befriending) the camp manager who is usually more than willing to help you out and give you tips about the part.

Fantastic Campground in the Off Season

I have been to this campground twice and both times it was fantastic. Very clean and well maintained. Everyone was friendly and easy going. Both times I went have been in early June/Late May, both times I got snowed on, but that is Yellowstone for you. The section I was in had mostly RVs and I was the only tent. Everyone was relatively pleasant, but the first time a RV group stole our firewood…which we needed to cook dinner. Luckily enough another group was kind enough to let us have theirs since they were leaving. It is close to everything with nice facilities. Note that Yellowstone is wild so do be surprised if a Buffalo or elk wanders through. My first time a buffalo went on a bit of a rampage, but no one was hurt. Overall nothing can mar a trip to Yellowstone except maybe stupid people. I would highly recommend this campground for anyone going to Yellowstone.

Advice would be to bring a towel since the sinks only have air dryers. Also bring some gloves for washing dishes since they do not have hot water outside of the washing hut. There are no showers at this campground, but there are some pay showers on the other end of the park. I personally like to stay on the outer loops since you don't have as many neighbors, but both sides of the road are very nice. One of the main roads is very close to the campground so you will hear some road noise in the early evening. That tails out the later it gets. Also there are bear boxes, but the range had told us that if you keep all food/smelly things in a cooler or sealed container then you can keep it in your trunk. We had no issues, but please clean up after. The rangers check every night before sundown that everyone is putting away their food. They can ticket you if you don't.

Great place to listen for wildlife at night. I heard coyotes, frogs, and the resident wolf pack on multiple nights which was fantastic! I can never get tired of going to Yellowstone and camping is the best way to really enjoy nature. Going in the off season is the best in my humble opinion. Less crowded and no issues getting a spot to camp. Also it means you might be the only person there watching Old Faithful or on a trail!

Great but Crowded

I have been to Rocky Mountain National park a number of different times and I have loved every trip. The one time I camped there I was also impressed. I went in Early June of 2014 and my only real complaint was the campsites were rather close together. My spot was amazing with a view of Longs Peak in the distance. It was close to the facilities which worked out very nice. I was with a friend who hadn't really camped that much. The facilities were clean and well maintained. And the rangers were friendly and very helpful. There were a lot of people around which is both comforting and annoying, but everyone obeyed the rules. Again the problem was that we had neighbors that were very close. All tents and pop ups though so they were quiet, but close.

Bear rules are that if you can keep it sealed and in your trunk you don't have to use the bear boxes provided. That is what I have always done and have had no problems. Just please keep the sites clean. The ranger had to "knock" on someone's tent who had left food on their table when I was there last.