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Beautiful and dispersed

Absolutely gorgeous and stunning. Surrounded by the creek and deer. Really peaceful at night and only A 10 minute drive from strawberry point and other hiking spots. The stars were amazing as well. One of my favorite spots to camp with friends.


A little crowded but if you go off road you will find a lot of coves. We ended up finding a small beach like cove that was amazing.

Beautiful view

Spent the night here with my family and it was very nice. Went off road to look for a secluded spot since the main area was packed with people. But found many off road area where no one was around. Loved it.

Beautiful camp ground

I stayed for one night and it was really crowded due to Labor Day weekend, but it was still beautiful and we had enough space to do our own thing. Minutes away from the Grand Canyon. Highly recommended.


Incredible star gazing at night. The water flows making it easy to sleep. Ran into a couple of deer and elk.

Peaceful and free

The person that comment below and gave it 1 star is wrong. You’re aloud to camp in this area just go past half a mile. Those signs are right in the entrance but if you keep driving there is plenty of space to camp. Many many spots and it’s free! Minutes from the Grand Canyon.


This camp site has been the best one so far. Beautiful sunset and amazing sunrise. It’s only 45 minutes from the Grand Canyon with an amazing lake and scenery. Perfect spot for kayaking and fishing. Will come back for sure.

All by myself.

Due to the pandemic these rv sites have been alone. I don’t mind I’ll take it. And it’s right next to the lake.

Very pretty

Very scenic and beautiful. Really amazing sunset

Really nice spot

I’m surprised no one else was here. I decided to camp here and was the only one all night. People were in the area in the morning but everyone left at night. Highly recommended. Very nice spot to kayak.

Secluded in the weekday

My first time here and it was really nice. Fish everywhere and clear waters. Of road north East of echo bay to find this location.

All alone for hours

I camped here for 2 days and didn’t see a single person. I went off road from this location just 20 min east of it. I found a really nice spot, but really hard to get to u less you have the proper vehicle for it.


It was quite and calm. Not many people around but it’s in the middle of boulder hwy with a Walmart across the street. 10 minutes away from the strip. I took a small trailer and it was peaceful at night.

The sunset is beautiful

I’m surprised that not many people know about this place. You don’t need off road to get here but it’s recommended. Perfect for all water toys. I even caught a huge fish.

Close to all the action.

It’s in the middle of William and surrounded by trees. Only 30 minutes from the Grand Canyon. Very beautiful and it’s a perfect place to walk to Williams at night. The town is alive at night.

First to Review
Huge open space

This is a really calm and beautiful place. No one really added pictures or videos of this so I will add some. It has a small pond with hundreds of frogs, cows everywhere and are friendly. 15 minutes away from white horse lake.

Awesome spot.

Had a wonderful time with a group of friends. We got Spot 063 D 064 D. I highly recommend those camping spots it’s right next to the lake and they are together for a group of friends. The actual group site is closed due to covid but these spots are good. Sunflower lane is around the corner and so is sycamore falls. It’s a hike with a beautiful view of a water fall. There are tons of off road roads so motorcycles or side by sides are recommended. You can also rent kayaks for the lake.

First to Review
Beautiful secluded place

This place is hard to get to but worth it. It’s very isolated and secluded and it surrounded by trees. If you can make it you can camp and have A whole lake to yourself. Huge fish everywhere and cliffs to jump from. You can bring a huge party and be completely isolated from everyone. Trash in trash out. Lets keep this place clean or it will get shut down from the public. L&L: 36.1149 -114.7621


We had an amazing time. so much to do and so little time. We rented a cabin for a week and it was still not enough. We caught a ton of fish and went off roading. So much to do

Fun and peaceful

This place has a good trail of you’re arriving on a vehicle. 4x4 is not needed but it is recommended. It’s almost 3 miles of dirt road with a couple of hills. You can boat to this location, hike or driver. When you finally make it you will see that it is worth it. A lot of space for multiple people. It’s usually empty when I go on weekdays. You can take your jet skis and other toys. Fishing is good and camping is awesome. A lot of start in the sky and it’s a good time with friends. Highly recommended.