It's Yellowstone!

We camped in the tent only section. There is a nice spot to swim in the river just across the road from the tent only area, as well as fields where we could see a few Elk grazing. This campground was kind of equidistant to many of the areas we wanted to visit. Real bathrooms nearby, but you have to go to a few select places in Yellowstone to buy a shower. But hey, it's Yellowstone, I didn't care too much about that. Can't wait to go back!

Small, nice views

We didn't stay long, just one night, since we were passing through. Nice clean campground, and the staff was accommodating. Sites are lush and grassy. I am sure people mostly use rvs there. It is kind of open to the water, and the wind picked up. We actually thought our tent was going to bite the dust and we'd have to leave for a hotel, but we made it through. I would have liked to spend more time and enjoy the beach.

Nice amenities, clean, small rocky beach on site.

I stayed at Searsport Shores 8 years ago. We got off on the wrong foot so badly, that it still makes me cringe. It was raining when we arrived. We had a reservation. When we arrived, we were asked what size our tent was (this was not addressed during the reservation, which was well in advance.), and told that it was too large. They told us that there was a maximum 10x10 for tents. They would not allow us to set up. Did I mention it was raining? Also, we had a 2 year old at the time. I drove a half hour to the nearest department store, which was finished carrying tents by that point in the year (July), and got nowhere with that. There was no other department store within a reasonable drive, and they gave us a hard time for about 2 hours, while we tried to entertain a toddler in the rain away from home, while he just kept repeating "home, home" in the saddest little voice. Finally they said oh go ahead and set up. We wasted half the next day at the laundromat drying our stuff. We were only there for 4 days, but my son was scarred for nearly a year. He would cry "home, home" even if I took him on a short walk on our own road!

I think if they had not altered our experience the way they did, we might have enjoyed the place more. It really isn't anything special. crowded rv sites, and a bit more roomy tent area. They have a tiny very rocky beach, not really somewhere to swim, just to enjoy the scenery and look for cool rocks. The facilities were clean. The only saving grace where my son was concerned was a large sand box.

Funnest, buggiest, beautifulest place to camp in the east!

No matter what I say here, you won't fully get it until you've enjoyed it for yourself! Technically it's not an island, since you drive right to your campsite. It's close enough to the rest of New England to make it accessible, yet far enough to offer peace and quiet. Hermit is dotted with fabulous beaches, open only to campers on the island. If you love wildlife, bird watching is great here, as well as crab and hermit crab catching. You can get good food at the Kelp Shed and freshly cooked lobsters, beer ice, toys, and replacement camp gear at the camp store. It's near other great things to see, but this place is so great, you won't want to leave the campground.

One warning! Be prepared to deal with mosquitos! Many people use screen tents. We've always had good results using thermacell units. Oh, and if ouhouses make you squeemish, you'd better get a site near the flush toilets. This place isn't for everyone, but if you're happy roughing it, you'll never want to go home!