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Pretty and quiet

Nice quiet camp ground! The creek was dry when I visited unfortunately but the sites were nice and it wasn't overly crowded.

Great location for tourism

Mammoth is not my first choice campground, but if you're looking for good proximity to enjoy Yellowstone national park, have an RV that you're ready to drop as soon as you get in so you can spend more time exploring the park, and don't mind camping right next to other people (safest from animals except elk) then this camp ground is for you!

I stayed here because it was surprisingly the only one not filled in the early months of summer so I gave it a go. Staff was friendly, check in was easy, and the spots were all pretty decent as far as size goes. It was fun to spend a little more time exploring the town of mammoth as well, since I usually just drive through.

Lovely and great proximity

There is a great view of the mountains from this campsite. I wouldn't fancy staying in a site other than the ones in the far back as they're the only ones forested and more secluded. The rest of the sites are RV accessible and very open. I loved the simplicity of this camp ground, it's a good option for wolf watchers in March but be weary as it fills up quickly in the tourist season.

Secluded, ominously so

This camp ground had about three established campsites I believe, and they were all pretty private from one another. A creek runs through camp and it's heavily forested. Even during the busiest seasons this free campground is vacant but there is good reason for this.

The drive up was rough, take your vehicle at your own risk. If it's not AWD or 4WD you likely will not make it and trust me, you don't want to get stuck on the narrow road on the edge of a cliff. There's also a couple grave yards about a mile from the camp site which is pretty ominous.

There was a grouse preforming it's drumbing mating performance in the camp at all hours of the day and off and on through the night that got pretty annoying, but I doubt you'll have the same experience.

It is about 7 miles from Gardiner and there was some distressed screaming coming from the woods that cause me to decide to pack up camp and leave, so be weary. I'm certain it wasn't an animal (I'm a wildlife ecology student and am very familiar with animal calls in the area) but I have no idea what had went on.

Other than that, this camp site was pretty and probably the only quiet option near Yellowstone.