Manny R.


Sacramento, CA

Joined November 2020

Another nice river spot

Stayed here three nights Full moon November 2020 Being the last night There was a few other campers But plenty of space to be away from other camps Not much trail hiking to be had Campground just off fairly busy road No verizon cell service at campground 1 mile west of the campground,by the electrical station,there is spotty Verizon signal You can take a short climb up a service road Across from the entrance to the electrical station. It is very steep Go around a curve to the left Then as you are going around a curve to the right There is a road that goes to a power pole I got 3 bars Verizon 4g at this spot.

The service road goes up the mountain to a water tank Very steep strenuous hike Its about 0.9 miles and elevation change of 750 feet

Nice river spot

The campground was closed I spent 3 nights car camping in a parking area just left of the campground gate. Lots of people in and out fishing Short trail at the end of the campground that follows the river.

Didn't camp here-fee area

Didn't camp here just visited. The view is amazing if you like looking up at mountains. I noticed two campgrounds in the area. Both fee areas One is a campground trailhead The parking lot was completely full.

Nice place to relax

Stayed here 3 nights at the end of November 2020 Camp ground had a few campers in it. Not really any trail hiking to be had. Mostly just a river-fishing A good bit of traffic comes up and down the road. No verizon cell service at campground. If you like steep incline hikes One can hike up a service road and get 3 bars Verizon 4g lte The service road is across from the electrical station, west of the campground Go up and around a curve to the right Then as you go around a curve to the left A road will go left to a power line Best signal here Spotty signal all the way to the water tank. Its about .9 miles and 750 elevation climb To the water tank

Camping and some hiking

I was here mid November. I car camped in an area just above the campground. A good bit of utv traffic A party traffic There is a short hike to the top of the mountain from the campground Decent Verizon signal

Closed, but a great alternative just north

Went by here on Thanksgiving day 2020 Closed ,gated

North of Summerdale is goat meadow snow play area. Big parking lot that people boondock and car camp in. I car camped just of the 06 forest road. Its the road to the left before the parking lot. There are a handful of spots for dispersed camping. Road is decent and good Verizon signal.

You can also hike to Mariposa Grove from the goat meadow parking lot. Or you can drive about 3 miles from parking lot to a gate that is about a 1.5 mile walk to the Mariposa Grove hiking park.

Very good and scenic hike.

Good hiking

I car camped just off the road,past the campground for 2 nights here. There was several rv in the campground. Verizon signal good.

No go

National forest is closed Gated off There is a sign there that states no car camping

Just camping

Stayed here one night Nov 18 Small blm property Camp is full I stayed in an area just before the campground Hiking is limited to the trough roads And people go here to shoot guns at the side of a mountain Verizon signal very good here.

Great hiking trail

I was here mid Nov 20 for 3 days. Laguna mountain road trail is very strenuous The last leg of the trail(primitive trail) is not easy to follow. Someone has marked the trail with stacked rocks. To the summit is about 4.5 miles from the campground. The falls hike is a gradual incline both ways. There are only about 3 drive in spots and a walk-in spot above the trailhead gate. Restroom is there, I didn't use because of the pandemic. All spots occupied and several in and out hikers and hunters. You can get Verizon signal at the 1 mile mark of Laguna mountain road trail, Its climb though

Too crowded for my liking But I would stay here again.