Camp Doris

Camp Doris was as good as ever! Came for a short three day stay and had a wonderful time!

Rifle Gap

When we got to Rifle Gap the campsite was amazing. It had a little pavilion thing over the campsite, the campsite was enclosed by some logs and filled with gravel, it had a nice fire pit, and a picnic table! We set up and had a wonderful nighT by the fire! However, when we woke up we were covered in ants. Our tent had ants all over it and our campground was covered in thousands of ants. It even rained while we stayed there and the ants did not disappear, they were under the pavilion, in our tent, on our tent, under our tent. It was terrible. On a brighter note, 5 miles down the road from the Gap is Rifle Falls. This place is amazing and so beautiful! There are caves, falls, trails, and a hatchery at the end of one of the trails! There's also an old amphitheater that is super cool!

East Portal!

When we first got to Estes Park every campground was full, so we looked into others in the area and found east portal. We thought it was going to be pretty mediocre compared to the others, however when we saw the campsites we were wanting to stay at, our campsite at east portal was way better. We had shade, amazing bathroom/showers, and everything was right by us! The only slightly annoying thing was that we were so close to other campers, which sometimes was disruptive. Otherwise this place was awesome! The nice bathrooms were well worth the price, friendly park staff, and drinking water! Also they had two really cool hiking spots right next to the campground that led to the lake over the mountain! Great experience!


My boyfriend and I came here for a short over night trip! We hiked and had a nice evening at the campsite! There are only a couple of trails, but all are very fun! We did a little off trail here and there, but overall stuck to it! There are some great fishing spots and closer to the entrance a golfing area! They also have the swan boats you can rent and go out on the little pond! Lots of fun, would recommend!

Doris Camp Ground, Wichita Mountains NWR

My boyfriend and I love to camp and have camped here at the Wichita mountains a few times! We loved camp Doris! Nice shady campsites, fire pits, bathrooms and showers(major plus), and just an overall great view with tons of stuff to do! We went hiking, saw the dam, swam at medicine park, and had some very nice picnics!