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noisy at night, otherwise kinda nice

yup it’s by the highway, but i knew that when i picked it. but i did NOT realize that it is by the train tracks, and ALSO tent area is alongside a road that gets deliveries via semi trucks at 3:30am. if you neeeeeeed to sleep, don’t stay here.

but i am tired from a hard day’s driving in windy and smoky conditions, and sorely in need of a shower and time with my book, music and planning my route. they gave me a little tent site with electricity for my camper van, in the shade, just as i’d requested. lovely aspen and cottonwood trees making shade. bathroom and shower — so clean! wifi — secure and signal is good.

and really, it’s not too noisy until nighttime!

decent setting, quiet

had my choice of sites, as it was mid-week and post-rain. not a cheery place in the rain.

really, 3.5 stars

the beach is cool! you can drive right up! but to park in the daytime is $10, on top of the campground fee. i was prepared to pay it, though, because my hip was sore and walking from the campground was out of the question.

campground sites can be on top of one another. shrill yip dogs of the campground host in the first loop. asked to move and they gave me something in the higher loop, a bit closer to the beach. i was pretty happy there.

drinking/party feel with bars and breweries everwhere.

if i were to visit the area again, i’d reserve ahead at indiana dunes national park cg instead. nature is why i camp.

what a charming name!

but it is right off the highway, with exit sprawl left and right. when i called the gal said $34 a night for an rv site. that’s high for a place this charmless and road-noisy. so i bought a yogurt smoothie across the street and kept driving.

lively this labor day weekend!

so glad to get off the road! and it is a sweet spot and affordable. it’s full with lively folks who are seeming not to take covid-19 too seriously. but we are outdoors, so hearing the happy sounds of family and friends, over decent country music feels like a balm tonight.

this morning i see what the 5 star reviews are about — the tent camping and the setting. just day use getting off the road for a rest or picnic, this is a 5-star recommend.

also, ideal for kids, fishing, and combination of the two.

why 4 stars? many rv sites like the one i got are right up next to each other. people take the entire site with rugs, dogs, tents, you name it. so zero privacy, zero peace and quiet.

closed during covid

just changed the stars on this review to 4, since that’s what it has been on average… i had to give from 1-5 stars to post the review, but wanted to let you all know it is closed for the time being.

looking to camp in boston area, and learned of closure via their website

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a day camp?

am looking to van camp in the boston area, so i googled this name and it appears to be a day camp in hancock, vermont?

pros and cons

on a x-country trek to deliver my kid to college, so not yr typical koa person. BUT great new bathroom/shower here and a cooking and dishwashing station by the primitive camping area get 5 stars.

we got a postage stamp flat driveway to stay the night - i believe it was site 15. but only $30ish for a koa. fine for our pop-top van, great shower, and a quick stop for the van.

IMPORTANT— almost got killed getting just off the freeway to make the left turn towards the koa — please be careful. traffic either side does not stop or slow, and they are going extremely fast. be patient. wait for ample time.

if i had kids — there’s a stocked pond and a freakin’ bouncy pad!!!

also, note to potato chip connoisseurs, avoid the brand they sell in the kamp store — bleck. misfortune of reading ingredients — “may contain tallow” — eek!!!

grateful to aurora!

sincere thanks to the town of aurora. spent one night here after a long day of driving on a cross-country trip.

nice shady and green spot for our pop-up van camping. my teen charged up their switch, we topped off the water tank, and settled in, listening to frog and insects, nibbling our fritos and fake cheese dip. neighborly folks said hello walking by. it is covid time so pool closed, but the bathroom is open. no shower option.

we put a fiver in the donation box, and heard the train whistles, cicadas, locusts, froggies all night. some sleep was had! grateful for the kindness of this town!

highlight of my x-country trip

campground at vedauwoo was full, so we ventured down the road, found a free spot that looked like an established spot, but i realize now it was not official - no number. but we pulled off, saw a few established fire rings, so we stopped for the night, popped the top on the van.

scenic is an understatement. loved this area, with gorgeous rock formations, pines, big sky! dusty due to traffic, and had to keep the van level for sleep/propane so we did park near the road. worth it.

Decent Small KOA

Great phone, then we get there. Not super friendly to me in office but we are taken to our site and it is not my favorite. The gentleman who has shuttled us to the site goes back to the office and finds us something better suited to our needs — more private and quiet. Points for that!!

Great pool! Super clean and refreshing. Covid respectful. We did not try their cute mini-golf but I heard it is inexpensive and fun. Paddleboats, fishing, good for tykes but plenty of seniors as well. Families meeting up, nice swing seating here and there. We didn’t order it but they make and deliver pizza to your site!

The wifi worked. There is a noise curfew. This works for me!

Grumpy Host

I did not camp here. The lady who answered the phone gave grumpy phone. So I took my business elsewhere.