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Keystone, CO

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Gorgeous lake front sites with Gore Range view

This is one of the "warmer" lakes in the county so it is a favorite spot for many. You can kayak, take your boat out, hike, and swim! There are many campgrounds in this area and a whole lot to do that is nearby for the outdoor adventurers. As for the campgrounds around the lake - make sure you get there early for a spot because on hot days and weekends, this is the place to be. Some of the sites are very close to the lake with their own private shore and some sites are particularly close to the highway, so expect some noise. The Colorado River is a few miles down the road for your wild rafting or kayaking trips - don't forget to stop by the natural hot springs ;) You can also hike to it (google it - Radium.) There is also a really easy and beautiful one mile loop hike that is located off a road in Heeney. Catarac lake - I recommend it because it has a beautiful lake and view of the mountains (another typical Colorado scene.) And definitely dont forget your fishing poles and sunscreen!!!

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Beautiful spot by the river and by Brown’s Canyon!

It tends to get hot during the day and much cooler at night - made for great hiking and camping. It is right beside Brown’s Canyon that has multiple trails to hike and ATV trails. The river is also very close by - some spots even ride along the river. There are many cows in the area so expect loud mooing. We also saw some big horn sheep!!! Lots of wild life in this area, be aware always. There is also a few hot springs nearby - we drove to mt. Princeton. At any of the campsites, there are astounding views of the Collegiate peaks! Really awesome set up too for the sites. This campground has an Amphitheatre even! Bring your guitar, fishing pole, and tent and you’re good to go.

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Bumpy ride but lots of camping near good hikes

Be warned: the drive is a LONG one. It is very rugged and even some washed out points from flash floods. We had a Jeep Wrangler and did just fine, I saw a couple Subaru outbacks and a Kia suv make it. Just be smart or you will bottom out. There are many spots right off the road to camp - our site was at the very end of the road by a rock wall formation. Ants were heavily populated in the area with little shade. The view was gorgeous and could hear a few coyotes howl at night. There are also cows nearby, so we heard a BUNcH of mooing in the morning. You are far from town so make sure you bring enough water and supplies! Zebra Canyon is very close to this road. It was one of my favorite hikes, but watch for snakes on the trail! We saw one - and the water in the slot canyon can be knee high at points and a little chilly but refreshing. Mochi balls and marbles were all along the river bed of the trail!

Close to hikes and caves

Go hike during the day.

this campground isn’t the quietest in location. It is very close to the trail and picnic areas. But it is within feet to the trail for the falls and caves. Still a very beautiful experience.

Great view with nearby hikes

coming from the Rockies, this is a short drive to warmer weather camping with a lake. This area is great for hiking especially the falls near by. The campground is multiple loops with benefits to each - some have a lot of space with no shade while some have a bunch of shade and trees with smaller area to camp. Bring your kayak and go for a dip on the lake!

Primitive beach camping on the lake!

You can pay $14 to camp right on the shore! Be careful though, be smart when driving through the sand or park and walk your stuff in as close as you want. The wind can be a problem so be prepared and have the right gear. There are bathroom stalls within 200 feet from the beach lined up all along the campground. There are some spots that have rock circles for fires already so try to use those if ya can! Beautiful view and water access.

Beach camping on the lake!

It’s as primitive as a campground could get at Lake Powell - pick a spot any where along the shore and it is yours (for $14 a night!) it does get very windy, so prepare or park your vehicles accordingly to help protect your site from the wind! We ended up just moving about 200 yards back by some trees. Sand does get every where, but it is the most beautiful place to camp. Water access right outside your door! Be careful driving through the sand - be wise! There are also toilets about 200 feet away from most of the camping areas.

Dispersed camping right off the road

Easily one of my top favorite areas to camp for the scenery, hiking, and it’s free! There are tons of spots on the right and left side of the road to park and walk your campsite in. It does get a little windy through the Pass and afternoon storm clouds are common: I always bring a tarp for this place just in case. It is very shaded and full of trees wherever you end up. There is also a creek running through some of the sites if you can find them. Get up early and hike Mt Bierstadt or Silver Dollar Lake! Recommendation for dinner would be over the fire or back into town -The margaritas in Georgetown at Lucha are so tasty and the 7 different salsas are a must have app!

Cozy campground with 360 mountain views

This is a great place right off the interstate and through a cute little town! Close hikes near by including one of Colorado’s 14ers.

Majestic Mountain view right by the lake!

This campground is a high altitude spot - make sure you drink LOTS of water and bring the appropriate gear for unpredictable weather. It can get cold some nights, bundle up! The tallest mountain in Colorado is close by; I highly recommend the hike to the summit of Mount Elbert if you have half a day and nine miles in ya! It is an easier 14er, just long. Twin Lakes is a great get away and usually pretty secluded. Bring your sunscreen!

Mountain view right on the lake!

This is a very family friendly campground! Sites are kind of close together, but you are beside the lake! And some spots have trail access to the lake, so bring your water toys! The ten mile range pops into view starting with Peak 1. Very close to the town of Frisco, so it isn’t the quietest.

360 view right on the lake!
  • 14 day/night stay max.
  • $24 a night for tent or RV camping (there are way more hook-up sites over tent sites. Loop D is one of the two options for tent camping and I highly recommend any of the sites in that loop.)

Bring your fishing pole, SUP, kayak, or hammock to hang out by the lake. This is my favorite campground in Colorado for the accessibility to the lake and town nearby.