No better way to beat the city heat

Great for family gatherings and outings - but make reservations early to make sure you can all get campspots next to each other or at least close.

Total Boondoggin

About as close to desolate and isolated as your going to find. Fishing can be good but no shelter and you could bring in a camper and set up but the road in is nothing more than a large trail. If you like wide open vistas tho you're going to love this place.

Not really camp ground

No camping allowed but very nice day facility for picnics, fishing, kayaking and throwing the stick for the dog in their dog park enclosure.

Bare necessities

Don't go for the ambiance but if you're going for the fishing then you're in the right place.

Boondoggin at its best

Small campground scatter along the lake, boat ramp and launch in good shape. Set in the mountains around White Sulphur Springs with WSS easily accessible if you forget something. No cell reception and your TVs won't work so better bring DVDs if you can tear yourself away from the great fishing and fantastic scenery. Cool nights around a campfire looking out on the moonlit lake - for me the only way to get any better is to have the place all to myself ;)