Luke W.

Portland, OR

Joined October 2017

My family and I take the road at least once a month to hit camping spots around the Hood. Not just Mount Hood though. We dip and climb all around.

A Party around Suttle Lake, OR

Link Creek, Suttle Lake has a unique explosion of camp sites all around. We happen to be on the west side of the lake with a handful of friends while our other handful went glamping in one of the several cabins on the east side. Day to day, we had a blast swimming, boating and creating trails of floaties (this was not a hiking trip). We rode canoes on the lake and didn't feel like the canoe/boat relationship hit heads. Our one complaint about the west side is the stinky toilets but has any campsite made non-stinky toilets? Hardly something reasonable to complain about. If you love lodging or pitching a tent. Suttle Lake has tons of trails and lake fun. Fishing on the east side is better than the west. I talked to a few fishing shops and friends to find that out. We took advantage of the lodge and restaurant for our friends birthday. We managed to pack in pinatas, rentals of all types of flotation devices, full bar, delicious food and friendly staff. We're only hoping we can get a spot for next year before it sells out!

Happy Camping!